Air Conditioning

Burt’s Reliable is Your Trusted Air Conditioning Contractor

Whether it’s A/C maintenance, A/C repair or a central air installation, we’ll take care of it!

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From Greenport to Eastport, Burt’s Reliable is eastern Long Island’s top choice for air conditioning service, installation and repair.

Burt’s Reliable has a team of highly trained professional service technicians who know air conditioning inside and out. We can handle any air conditioning job—maintaining your current system, performing repairs or installing a new system.

Protect your A/C investment

Taking good care of your home’s air conditioning system with regular maintenance saves you money in four ways.

  • Proper air conditioning system maintenance prevents costly repairs by keeping your system in good condition as well as by uncovering small problems before they become bigger, more expensive, ones.
  • Getting regular maintenance keeps your air conditioning system’s warranty valid.
  • A well-maintained air conditioning system will last longer, putting off the cost of replacement.
  • Air conditioning systems that are properly maintained run more efficiently, and that can lower your energy costs.

A/C maintenance from Burt’s Reliable is so much more than changing the air filter. Our trained technicians carefully inspect your system. They check any electrical connections and voltage; ensure that there is enough refrigerant in the air conditioner for efficient operation; inspect the exhaust outlets for signs of damage, like corrosion or leaks; check the points of connection; and lubricate all the moving parts.

In addition to regular maintenance, Burt’s Reliable offers emergency service. If you’re a member of our Air Conditioning Comfort Plan, we’ll give you priority service if you lose your air conditioning.

We also specialize in vacation home maintenance services, which include air conditioning upkeep. Whether you occupy the home or rent it to others, you can depend on us to arrive quickly for repairs, perform off-season maintenance, and quickly and expertly install a new system if necessary.

Contact us today to find out more about the air conditioning maintenance services we offer.

Trust Burt’s Reliable for A/C repairs

If your air conditioning system’s not working at all, it’s obvious that something’s wrong. But there are other signs telling you that you need to get a Burt’s Reliable technician out to your home for an air conditioning repair. Here are some examples:

  • strange noises, like whistling, pops, clanging, rattling or buzzing coming from your A/C system
  • uncommon smells, like scorching or mustiness
  • an increase in allergy symptoms indoors
  • inconsistent airflow
  • an unexplainable increase in your utility bill
  • uneven temperatures

Our trained, experienced service technicians will promptly respond to your call. We respect your time and your home, showing up when promised and bringing all the tools and parts needed to get the job done.

Be sure to look into our A/C service plan, which can save you money while keeping your home cool. In addition to repair discounts, our Air Conditioning Comfort Plan gives you priority service, guaranteed repair pricing and a one-year warranty on all our repairs. Whether this is your permanent home or a vacation home, we can take care of your air conditioning system.

Burt’s Reliable can install your new A/C system

When you’re ready to upgrade your home to new central air or ductless air conditioning, Burt’s Reliable is the one to call throughout eastern Suffolk County and the North Fork.

Most air conditioning systems have a life span of around 12 to 15 years. If yours is getting into that age range, or has repairs that would run you more than half the cost of replacement, you should look into getting a new system. Your Burt’s Reliable service technician has the knowledge and experience to tell you when it’s time for a replacement.

You can call on Burt’s Reliable for your new air conditioning system—either central air or ductless.

We install top-quality air conditioning systems by leading manufacturers like Rheem and Trane. Our professionals can customize your system to fit your home’s cooling needs, whether it’s quiet ducts with acoustical liner or flexible ducting. And if your home doesn’t have ductwork, or you don’t want a traditional central air system, we sell and install Fujitsu mini-split ductless air conditioning units.

Contact the pros at Burt’s Reliable for a free estimate on new cooling system for your home!