A/C Service Plans

Need a fast air conditioner repair? Call Burt’s for the best air conditioning service on the North Fork!

service plan North Fork NYNo one wants the inconvenience or cost of a broken air conditioning system. Usually, it happens at the worst time. If you’re having problems, you can bet other people are too. It could take days or weeks to get a repair.

That’s why our customers choose our air conditioning comfort plan to save money and stay cool.

Once you’re enrolled, depend on us to:

  • get to you fast if you have a problem
  • fix your equipment right the first time
  • keep your system running at peak efficiency
  • give you priority service if you lose your air conditioning
  • save you money with discounts and guaranteed repair pricing

With our plan—for the same cost as a tune-up—you get:

  • Priority service: Your call gets priority over nonplan customers.
  • An annual 12-point Air Conditioning Tune-Up.
  • 15% off parts, labor and diagnostic fees.
  • Guaranteed repair pricing: The price we quote before we start the job is the price you’ll pay.
  • One-year warranty on all repairs: If a part needs to be replaced before the warranty expires, you’ll pay nothing for the repair.

Contact us today to get the best air conditioning coverage and service on the North Fork.

For more details, download the PDF of our air conditioning comfort plan.

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