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Summers on the North Fork of Long Island are wonderful. There’s a lot to do, including days at the beach, touring vineyards, and hosting cookouts featuring wonderful produce from our local farmers.

Summers here are also hot and muggy. That’s why so many of us rely on air conditioning to keep our homes cool and comfortable.

When your air conditioner isn’t working properly—or even breaks down—your home becomes uncomfortable. That’s when you should turn to the team of expert service technicians at Burt’s Reliable to get your A/C system back up and running its best.

Signs that your Long Island home’s central A/C system needs repair

Before your home’s central air conditioning system breaks down, you may get some warning that something is wrong. Signs include:

  • Odd sounds, like whistling, popping, buzzing, clanging or rattling
  • Uneven cooling, where one room is cool but another one isn’t
  • Increases in your utility bill that you can’t explain
  • Inconsistent airflow through your home
  • More allergy symptoms when you and your family are indoors
  • Unusual odors, including mustiness or scorching

Any one (or more) of these is a message from your home’s central A/C system: Get Burt’s Reliable service technicians out there as soon as possible.

Burt’s Reliable is on the job for A/C repairs in North Fork

We make it easy for you to contact Burt’s Reliable for repairs of your central air conditioning system or ductless mini-splits.

Our experienced service technicians have advanced training in the latest cooling technology and are up to the task for any A/C repair. We arrive promptly, with a truck full of tools and replacement parts. Our goal is to get the job done right the first time.

Burt’s Reliable also makes it easier and more affordable to maintain and repair your home’s air conditioning system with our Air Conditioning Comfort Plan. You get priority service; guaranteed repair pricing; a one-year warranty on all repairs; and a discount on parts, labor and diagnostic fees.

What comes next

Sometimes, your home’s central air conditioning system is beyond repair, or it is no longer cost-effective to keep fixing it. Our service technicians will let you know if either of those is the case with your system.

If so, Burt’s Reliable is there for you. We can help you select new ductless mini splits or a top-quality, energy-efficient central air conditioning system. We will also give you a FREE estimate!

From there, our expert service technicians will install your new air conditioning effectively and cleanly, with minimal disruption of your daily routine.

Burt’s Reliable also provides the regular maintenance of your air conditioning needs. Our service technicians will carefully inspect your system, including the exhaust outlet, for damage like corrosion or leaks. They will check electrical connections and voltage and ensure that your air conditioner has the refrigerant it needs to operate at maximum efficiency. Finally, they will lubricate all of your air conditioner’s moving parts.

If you own a vacation home here on the North Fork, we provide specialized A/C service for you, whether you use the house yourself or rent it out to others.

Count on Burt’s Reliable for all of your air conditioning needs. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you and your North Fork home!