The Best Spring & Summer Thermostat Setting

Adjust your A/C temperature to balance comfort & energy savings. Spring offers some truly lovely days on Long Island’s North Fork and East End. Some days, the temperature is so nice that it’s easy to forget how much we depend on heating and cooling equipment for much of the year. But if you ignore your […]

Diesel Delivered To Your Farm

We create on-site diesel plans tailored to your agricultural needs. If you run a farm, orchard, vineyard or another type of agricultural business in Suffolk County, you know there is no substitute for high-quality diesel fuel. According to the Diesel Technology Forum, this fuel powers 75 percent of America’s farm equipment and 90 percent of […]

Expert Plumbing Service for Your Vacation Home

Whether your preferred summer activity is surfing some waves or enjoying a glass of local wine on a cloudless afternoon, the warm weather is a welcome arrival. Soon, countless vacation homes in Suffolk County will be lighting back up after months in hibernation. Unfortunately, vacation homeowners in Long Island’s East End and North Fork too […]

Wrap Up Heating Season with a Tune-Up!

Temperatures are rising, and the sunlight lasts through dinnertime. Can you feel summer around the corner? We know it’s a relief to be able to turn off your boiler or furnace at the end of the heating season. But there’s one more heating system task you may want to consider before busting out the swimsuit […]

Is DIY Air Conditioning Installation a Good Idea?

Have you considered upgrading a tired central air conditioning system that can’t keep up with the heat? Did you recently move into a home and want to replace the cooling system before summer arrives? Some of our North Fork and East End customers have asked if trying a do-it-yourself A/C installation is a good move. […]

Why is Diesel More Expensive than Gasoline?

Most motorists only notice the price of diesel when they see it listed alongside unleaded gas at the pump. The price is always higher — sometimes significantly so. But if you’re a business owner who needs diesel to fuel a construction site, farm or vehicle fleet, the price and availability of this fuel are crucial […]

Monitor Your Heating Oil With Your Phone!

Our wireless tank monitors make runouts a thing of the past At this time of the year, running out of heating oil is more than an inconvenience. It can be downright dangerous. The North Fork and East End of Long Island can have brutal winters. You don’t want to be without heat or hot water. […]

Kerosene: What Is It and How Is It Used?

Burt’s Reliable provides Eastern Long Island’s most reliable kerosene delivery Long Island’s East End and North Fork can get frosty cold this time of year. Owners of mobile homes and households with outdoor fuel tanks can’t always rely on heating oil when nighttime temperatures are in the teens or lower. That’s why many Burt’s Reliable […]

What Is New York’s Clean Heating Fuel Credit?

The average Burt’s Reliable customer saves $150 on their taxes! What does the start of the year mean to you? New Year’s resolutions? Lots of holiday leftovers in the fridge? We know that many homeowners on the North Fork and East End of Long Island start fretting about tax time as soon as the calendar […]

How Often Should My HVAC Be Serviced?

As Suffolk County’s most trusted HVAC service provider, Burt’s Reliable knows the heating and cooling systems of eastern Long Island. Homeowners often ask us how necessary regular maintenance is for their heating and cooling equipment. Let’s discuss the importance of regular HVAC service and what can happen if you skip it. How often do I […]