Leaving on a Jet Plane?

How to prevent heating breakdowns and frozen pipes while away When the weather turns frigid on the North Fork of Long Island, it’s natural to want to hop a plane for warmer climates. But you don’t want to come home to a burst pipe or an empty oil tank. If you plan to leave town […]

Rising Energy Prices Affect All of Us

Burt’s Reliable is committed to helping you through challenging financial times It seems like prices are rising on everything these days, and home energy is no exception. Driven by increased consumer demand and a decrease in global supply, the cost of heating our homes is increasing. Burt’s Reliable has served the North Fork of Long Island […]

How Can You Stop Your Pipes From Freezing?

Remember These Tips from Burt’s Plumbing Professionals Burt’s Reliable has served the North Fork of Long Island for decades. One issue that comes up every winter is pipe-freezing. As the weather turns frigid, it is important to be aware of ice buildup in your plumbing. Luckily, our plumbing experts have a few tips to help […]

Indirect vs Direct Fired Heat Water Heaters

What’s the difference? At Burt’s Reliable, we know our stuff. We’ve been heating (and cooling) the North Fork and East End since 1917. We’re tried and true. Since our founding, we’ve become one of Eastern Long Island’s leading fuel and service providers. So let us give you a short introduction to water heaters and the […]

Having Trouble Paying Your Heating Bill?

Please Look into the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) It’s been another tough year. The last thing anyone wanted to see was rising energy prices on top of a still-lingering pandemic that just refuses to go away. For many, this situation has caused financial hardships that make paying basic bills more difficult than usual. If […]

Best Thermostat Settings for Winter

How Low You Can Go and How Much You Can Save With energy prices surging as we head into another winter, it can be mighty tempting to give your furnace or boiler a rest by dropping your thermostat setting quite a bit at night so you save money on heat. Or you may think about […]

Protecting Your Eastern Long Island Vacation Home

What We Can Do—and What You Can Do Too! During the cold weather seasons, most vacation homes on the East End and North Fork are either lightly used or closed up completely. For the sake of convenience, many customers (about 2,000 strong) trust us with their house keys so we can gain access to their […]


Why Your Bills Are Going Up Dear Valued Customer, Once again, we’re seeing energy prices surge across the board. We know how painful that can be for our customers. It’s painful for us, as well. What’s Going On? Gasoline has risen more than a dollar more per gallon vs. a year ago. Natural gas prices […]

Is It Time to Replace Your Thermostat?

Use Our Cheat-sheet to Help You Decide Your thermostat is an integral part of your heating and cooling system. It not only helps you control the temperature in your home, but it’s also key to keeping heating and cooling costs manageable. So it’s important that your thermostat is working well. Most thermostats last about 10 […]

What Makes Bioheat® Fuel Different?

5 Facts You About Biofuel that Might Surprise You One of the biggest changes in heating oil in recent years has been the development of ultra-low sulfur heating oil. On its own ultra-low sulfur heating oil burns more cleanly than traditional heating oil. When it’s mixed with biofuels, the result is a cleaner-burning heating fuel […]