Service heating system before winter

Service Your Furnace or Boiler Before Winter Arrives

We’ve had a mild early fall so far in Eastern LI – good news if you’re a fan of summer, not so good if you’re a leaf peeper. With cold temps staying away for now, you can put off your annual heating maintenance a little longer, right?

Refer a friend

Get a $50 Credit on Your Account When You Refer a Friend to Burt’s Reliable!

If you’re a satisfied Burt’s Reliable customer and know someone who could benefit from our heating oil delivery or heating oil equipment repair and maintenance services, why not send them our way and get a $50 account credit to your account for the trouble?

Preparing for cooler weather

Preparing for Cooler Weather

Fall is here, and even though the trees are still mostly green here in Eastern Long Island, we all know that temperatures will eventually drop and leave us reaching for the heat setting on our thermostat.

Closing up your summer vacation home

Closing up Your Summer Vacation Home: 10 Tips

All good things must come to an end, including summer. And although we’ve had a great run of warm weather here in Eastern LI the last few weeks, it is still time to shut down our summer vacation homes.

Heating oil tank gauge

How Much Oil Does a 275 Gallon Tank Hold?

Did you know that your “full” heating oil tank isn’t actually full?

Heating oil tank

What Is the Shelf Life of Heating Oil?

Most of us buy our fuel oil in larger quantities throughout the year so our heating system is ready for action when we need it most in our Eastern LI home. While scheduling our heating oil deliveries this way seems smart in theory, it only works if heating oil has a long enough “shelf life” to sit in your storage tank until it’s needed.

Ready for fall

Six Ways to Get Ready for Fall in Your LI Home

We’re into the second week in September, and things are already starting to cool down here in the North Fork and East End of Long Island.

Reduce heating costs

How Can I Reduce Heating Costs in My Home This Fall and Winter?

Using Natural Heating Oil® (also known as Bioheat®) with a B20 biofuel blend from Burt’s Reliable can be one of the best ways to save money on heating bills in your North Fork or East End home this fall and winter.

Air conditioner tips

End of Summer Air Conditioner Tips

Many people get their routine air conditioning maintenance out of the way sometime in spring or early summer, which is a good way to go – if you can find an appointment time that fits in your schedule.

Efficient home heating

How Efficient Is Your Heating Oil Furnace?

You can’t really go wrong when you chose a heating oil furnace for your Long Island home – it can be installed in any neighborhood (no pipeline needed), you’ll never have to worry about your fuel exploding, and you will always know it can provide enough heat to withstand the most bitter North Fork or East End winter.