Diesel Fuel For Commercial Landscaping

A Great Fuel Alternative

landscape fuel supplier new yorkWhen it comes to commercial landscaping equipment, gas is usually king. But many landscaping business owners today are looking for other cost-effective and eco-friendly fueling options to set them apart from the crowd and keep their business profitable.

One of those options is commercial diesel fuel.

Although diesel and gasoline both come from crude oil, the two fuels differ chemically, which has an impact on how they burn. This difference gives diesel fuel some distinct advantages over gasoline as a fuel for commercial landscapers.

Diesel’s Advantages Over Gasoline

With diesel-powered equipment, you’ll get:

  • Better fuel efficiency – Because it is denser, diesel fuel burns more efficiently than gasoline, which means that less of it is needed to generate the same power. Simply put, you get better fuel economy with a diesel engine, which translates to less money spent on fuel – even if the fuel itself costs a bit more.
  • More torque – Diesel engines produce more torque than gasoline engines – a big advantage for landscapers. Torque is responsible for the force of the spinning blades of a lawnmower; powered by diesel fuel, a landscaper can cut more grass in less time.
  • Greater durability – Diesel-powered equipment can last twice as long as gas powered equipment, in large part due to diesel fuel acting as a wear-and-tear reducing lubricant on the engine.
  • Lower environmental impact – Carbon dioxide emissions are 40 percent lower from a diesel truck than a gas truck. Newer diesel engines also reduce particulate emissions – another advantage of diesel over gasoline.

Of course, all these advantages are also true when you use diesel fuel to power your larger commercial landscaping equipment and vehicles – a big reason why many landscaping business owners choose diesel for their trucks, backhoes, and more.

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