Do I Need Air Conditioning Maintenance Every Year?

a/c maintenance suffolk countyPeople sometimes ask us, “Is an air conditioner tune-up really necessary every year? Usually, our answer is yes.

But not always.

An air conditioning system is a major home comfort investment, and like any investment, it needs to be protected. The best way to do that is by having it inspected and maintained by an HVAC professional.

An annual a/c tune-up will:

  • Make your equipment run more reliably – About four out of the five air conditioner repairs we see are preventable; proper care will help you avoid inconvenient equipment breakdowns, and the potentially costly A/C repairs that come with them. If you have a medical condition that gets worse in the heat, having a reliable cooling system isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity.
  • Lower your bills – A well-maintained air conditioner runs more efficiently, so you’ll save on your utility bills – often enough over the course of a single cooling season to pay for your annual tune-up.
  • Extend the life of your equipment – Replacing your neglected A/C earlier than you need to can be a drag – and a costly one, at that. Regular maintenance can add years to the life of your air conditioner.
  • Improved your air quality – A well-maintained air conditioner helps control humidity in your home, keeping air healthy and helping to prevent mold problems. Running it on high pollen days can help you breathe more easily, too.

So when do you NOT need annual air conditioning maintenance?

When we said “usually” in our answer before, it must follow that there are sometimes when we don’t recommend annual cooling maintenance. So under what circumstances would that be true?

Usually, we don’t recommend annual cooling maintenance for homes that you don’t occupy for the full cooling season, or where you only use your air conditioner occasionally. For example, many of our customers have vacation homes in areas where evenings are cool and breezes are plentiful, so they only have to resort to cranking the A/C to get them through the occasional heatwave or muggy spell.

In those cases, you probably only need routine A/C maintenance about once every other year.

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