Tips For Automatic Heating Oil Delivery Customers

Please Keep Us in the Loop!

automatic delivery new yorkOne of the most important pieces of equipment for keeping your family safe and warm this fall and winter isn’t a heating appliance at all – it’s your phone.

If you’re an automatic heating oil delivery customer, you could be undermining one of the best benefits of the service – preventing run-outs – simply by not keeping us informed about changes in the way you’ve been living.

As you probably know, the timing of your heating oil deliveries is based on your previous use (allowing for adjustments based on the current weather). But if your lifestyle or circumstances at home change significantly, our estimates could be off, leaving you vulnerable to an unexpected run-out.

If you are planning to be home more than usual this fall and winter – or if you plan to remain at a second / vacation home that Burt’s Reliable also delivers heating oil to – please contact us to let us know your plans!

Other considerations that might impact your heating oil use

In addition to being home more often – or not in your primary home at all – here are several other scenarios in which you would use more oil than usual this heating season. If any of these is true for your family, please contact us right away so we can adjust your delivery schedule.

  • A child has left for or come back from college
  • A relative has moved into your home
  • You have added space to your home since last heating season
  • You have added new oil-fired appliances

Another possibility is to add a Gremlin tank monitor, which attaches to a tank and constantly measures its fuel level. With a tank monitor installed, we’ll know exactly how much fuel is in your tank at all times, so you can feel 100 percent confident you will get exactly the fuel you need, when you need it.

Living differently now than in previous years? That could affect your heating oil deliveries in eastern LI. Please contact Burt’s Reliable today to let us know about any significant home lifestyle changes you’ve made so we can adjust your refilling schedule and keep your family safe and warm all winter long!