Diesel Delivered To Your Farm

We create on-site diesel plans tailored to your agricultural needs.

farm fuel supply long island, ny If you run a farm, orchard, vineyard or another type of agricultural business in Suffolk County, you know there is no substitute for high-quality diesel fuel. According to the Diesel Technology Forum, this fuel powers 75 percent of America’s farm equipment and 90 percent of the transportation that moves agricultural products.

The agricultural businesses of Long Island’s North Fork and East End need a reliable source of diesel for their tractors, combines, generators, irrigation pumps and a variety of other crucial farm equipment.

The commercial fuel team at Burt’s Reliable is always available to help you develop and implement a diesel delivery plan so that you can maintain an on-site supply of this vital fuel.

What to consider when securing diesel for your farm.

Every week, we speak to New York business owners who are frustrated and anxious about their diesel supplies. Here are some crucial considerations when buying diesel for your farm:

  • Keep an eye on the market — Like every energy source, diesel is susceptible to ups and downs in global energy markets. Unfortunately, there is not really an “off” season for diesel, and businesses across the globe count on it to operate. In times of peak demand, refineries sometimes can’t keep up, leading to price spikes.
  • Buy in bulk, whenever possible — An excellent way to lower your costs is to buy large quantities of diesel in advance when prices are low. But you need to consider how quickly you use your fuel. Diesel has a shelf life of about a year, but that drops in sustained hot weather.
  • Maintain your tank storage — Fuel tanks are durable, but when they spring a leak, the results can be horribly expensive. Keep an eye out for damage and corrosion, and make sure to get regular service for your tanks.
  • Track your fuel expenses — Keeping close tabs on what you’re spending for diesel will help you plan and find efficiencies. Your partners at Burt’s Reliable can help you find cost savings, too!
  • Find one trusted fuel supplier and stick with them — Fueling even a moderately-sized farm can become a full-time job. If you’re juggling providers or counting on employees to purchase fuel and submit receipts, you might end up pulling out your hair. Choosing one trustworthy fuel partner simplifies everything.

Burt’s Reliable can be the only farm fuel provider you need!

At Burt’s Reliable, we deliver premium on-road and off-road diesel to farms throughout our service area. Our ultra-low-sulfur fuel burns cleanly and reduces wear and tear on your equipment. And with over a century of service in the community, we know how to help farms keep diesel costs down. We will develop an on-site fuel delivery plan that simplifies your life immensely. No more lining up at the rack or at service stations, and no more reimbursing workers and endlessly reconciling accounts. We’re your one-stop shop for farm fuel.

Take diesel off your to-do list and let Burt’s Reliable handle the planning for you. Contact us today.