Limited Time Offer: Get A FREE Gremlin Tank Monitor Installation From Burt’s!

FREE Gremlin Tank Monitor installation from Burt’s!Automatic heating oil delivery is a great way to take the worry of managing your supply of fuel, which can help you prevent costly and potentially even dangerous runouts.

But as you probably know, the timing of your automatic deliveries is based on estimates: how much fuel you have used in the past, for example, and how much fuel you are likely to use given the current weather. As good as our computers are at guesswork like this, they can’t tell exactly much oil is in your storage tank at any given moment.

Unless you have a heating oil tank monitor.

A Gremlin Tank Monitor – installed in minutes by the pros at Burt’s Reliable – will track your actual heating oil usage and alert us (and you, via a smart phone app) when it’s time to fill your heating oil tank. With this precision, we can ensure that you get the fuel you need, when you need it, which will dramatically reduce the threat of run-outs.

A perfect solution for a vacation home

If you have a second home, a Gremlin tank monitor from Burt’s is a must‑have. Since we don’t know if you’re spending more time than usual at your vacation home because of the pandemic, a tank monitor ensures that we can make your heating oil deliveries in time to keep your family safe and comfortable in any weather.

Thinking about installing a heating oil tank monitor? Burt’s Reliable will install a Gremlin Monitor FREE for our customers on a first come, first serve basis. Please call us at 631.765.3767 or contact us today you’d like to install a heating oil tank monitor in eastern LI and enjoy an extra level of confidence to your home comfort!