Things You Should Know About Kerosene

What’s It Good For?

kerosene supplier new yorkHave any of the recent storms left you in the cold or dark thanks to power outages? Kerosene could have kept the lights on for you. From Calverton to Cutchogue and from Manorville to Mattituck, residents of Long Island’s North Fork count on Burt’s Reliable to keep them comfortable in their homes—even when there’s a natural disaster.

Even though lots of Eastern Long Island homes and businesses use kerosene to keep warm, it can be difficult to get delivered, but Burt’s Reliable makes it easy. If you’re looking for a kerosene provider or want to know if kerosene might be right for your home or business, keep reading.

Kerosene Facts

Here are some things to know about kerosene:

  • Kerosene is a good option for heating mobile homes and houses that don’t have a basement. If a home doesn’t have a basement, the heating fuel tank has to be placed outside. In a place like Eastern Long Island that sees cold winters, that can be problematic. Cold weather causes heating oil to thicken (a process called gelling). The thicker oil can reduce the flow of fuel into your heating system or block it entirely. That can lead to a shutdown and costly repairs. But colder weather doesn’t pose a problem for kerosene because it doesn’t gel.
  • Kerosene is considerably versatile. In addition to keeping your home warm, kerosene can also be used for cooking and lighting. Having that option is extremely useful when extreme weather (which is becoming increasingly common) causes power outages. You won’t get left in the cold or dark with kerosene.
  • Kerosene doesn’t require a special storage tank, so if you already have a tank for heating oil, you can use it for kerosene. If you need a new oil tank, Burt’s Reliable specializes in oil tank removal, replacement, and installation.

There are a lot of advantages to kerosene. And your best choice for kerosene delivery is Burt’s Reliable. We know the North Fork better than any other provider, and at Burt’s Reliable, we live up to our name.

Burt’s Reliable has been keeping residents of Eastern Long Island comfortable in their homes and businesses since 1917. Let us put our years of expertise to work for you. Contact us today to become a customer or learn more.