Air conditioner tips

5 End of Summer Air Conditioner Tips

Many people get their routine air conditioning maintenance out of the way sometime in spring or early summer, which is a good way to go – if you can find an appointment time that fits in your schedule.

Efficient home heating

How Efficient Is Your Heating Oil Furnace?

You can’t really go wrong when you chose a heating oil furnace for your Long Island home – it can be installed in any neighborhood (no pipeline needed), you’ll never have to worry about your fuel exploding, and you will always know it can provide enough heat to withstand the most bitter North Fork or East End winter.


When Should I Replace My Thermostat?

Ever wonder if a thermostat can go bad (as in “no longer working”-bad, not “turning to a life of crime”-bad)?

The answer, unfortunately, is yes.

Home heating

How Do Oil Heating Systems Work?

Today’s oil-fired heating systems can feature some pretty advanced technology (one of the reasons you should always call for professional heating service when you need repairs with your heating equipment), but in the end the job they do is pretty simple.

Service furnace and boiler

Do I Need to Service My Furnace or Boiler Every Year?

It’s a question we get a lot here at Burt’s Reliable: do I really need to get heating system maintenance every year? Our stock answer – most of the time, under most circumstances – is yes.

Central A/C

Is It Time to Replace the A/C in Your Your North Fork or East End Home?

If your central air conditioner is more than 10 years old, it’s probably operating at an efficiency somewhere in the 70 percent range, or maybe even less…

Running out of time

Time Is Running out to Enroll in EZ Pay Heating Oil Budget Plan from Burt’s Reliable

If you’re a Burt’s Reliable heating oil customer (or ready to become one), July 31 is a pretty important date to remember – assuming, of course, that you enjoy things that simplify your life and bring you greater peace of mind.


6 Facts About Natural Heating Oil® from Burt’s Reliable

Natural Heating Oil from Burt’s Reliable – known in the industry as Bioheat® fuel – is today’s clean-burning alternative to traditional home heating oil – and we have plenty of it on-hand for your Eastern Long Island home.

Family summer

Replacing Your Heating Oil Tank

An old school indoor steel oil tank can last as little as 15 years, according to Inspectpedia which means if your Long Island home was built in or before John Kerry ran for President, or if you purchased your home and haven’t replaced your tank since that time, you’re probably due – or perhaps even overdue – for a heating oil tank upgrade.

EZ Pay

June Is Here: Time to Enroll in EZ Pay from Burt’s Reliable!

Summer is almost here, which means it’s high time to think about…your heating bills?

Yes, you read that right: before you get out to your Montauk or Greenport getaway and start slathering on the sunscreen, it’s a good idea to pay at least a little mind to how you’re going to pay to stay warm in the 2019-20 heating season.