Working Together to Find a Cure for Cancer

Help Us Raise Funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to Cure Blood Cancer Today!

donating for leukemia new yorkEvery three minutes, someone is diagnosed with a form of blood cancer; every 10 minutes, someone passes.

These are heartbreaking statistics, and, to us, they’re unacceptable. Blood cancer or another form of cancer has likely touched each and every one of us, be it personally, a family member, colleague or friend. That’s why we want to speak to you about the vital work that the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) is doing to defeat the scourge of blood cancer and how the folks at Burt’s Reliable are helping.

Our President, Martin Romanelli, is a candidate for the 2022 Man & Woman of the Year Campaign. He would like your support in fighting for a cure.

What is LLS?

The mission of LLS mission is to cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma and improve the quality of life of patients and their families. Its research has also helped advance treatments of many types of cancer and auto-immune disorders. The foundation works hard for underserved communities, combating unequal medical access.

LLS was founded in 1949 by the de Villiers, a wealthy New York family who lost their son Robert to leukemia. At the time, there was essentially no treatment for blood-borne cancers. In the decades since, LLS has invested nearly $1.3 billion into research and fought tirelessly to gain access to patients seeking innovative lifesaving treatments.

How You Can Join Our Team in Working for a Cure

Martin is competing with several other Long Island Man & Woman of the Year Candidates to raise funds in honor of two brave local kids who have faced this disease, Aiden and Reese.

Even though childhood leukemia has the highest cure rate of any blood cancer, it’s still the biggest disease killer among children under 20. This must change. We hope to find a cure – not someday – today!

Each dollar raised is a vote to cure cancer. Martin’s goal is to raise $100,000 by May 11th and could use your help in getting there!

We humbly ask you to join us by choosing to make a tax-deductible donation to LLS through this fundraising website.

We’ve all been blessed with many fortunate moments in life and wish for that to continue. This is an opportunity to give back to those who could use it the most. We hope you will join us in the fight for a cure by donating.

As always, if there’s anything Burt’s Reliable can do you this spring, don’t hesitate to reach out.