Have a Slow-Running Faucet? It Could Be a Simple Fix…

slow running faucet

If you have a water faucet that flows weakly or sporadically, you might think you have a problem with your faucet or with the water pressure in your home – and you may in fact be right. But the problem could also be a clogged aerator, which is something you can easily fix yourself.

Your aerator is the small metal fitting that attaches to the end of your faucet. Its job is to mix water with air so a nice even flow of water comes out (try unscrewing the aerator and see what happens – just have a sponge ready!).

The aerator does its job thanks to small vents incorporated into its sides, which let the air in. Unfortunately, those same vents can also allow in mineral deposits and sediments, which can block water flow.

How do you clear out those mineral deposits? Just remove your aerator and soak it overnight in a cup of white vinegar, then rinse it out before replacing it. Simple!

If water flow in your sink is still a problem, contact us – our master plumbers will troubleshoot your issue and take care of faulty faucets or any other plumbing problems right away.

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