Should You Replace Your Heating Oil Tank?

Install a New Fuel Tank Before the Cold Weather Arrives!

oil tank installation new yorkWhen did you last replace your heating oil storage tank? Given how long tanks last, there’s a good chance you’ve never had to do so.

But oil tanks wear out eventually. Time, wear and condensation can all lead to internal corrosion and deterioration. As a result, your oil-fired system might not work as effectively. You’ll require more heating oil to keep your house warm and water hot.

Even more unnerving, an older, corroded tank is a risk for an oil leak. Cleaning up a serious leak isn’t cheap.

With colder weather only a couple of months away on Long Island, you need to start thinking about getting your heating system ready. While the weather is still warm, it’s a smart move to bring in the Burt’s Reliable expert technicians to inspect your oil tank.

Is your old oil tank in trouble?

Oil storage tanks have long lifespans, often lasting 30 years or more. But it’s not always easy to see with the naked eye whether something is wrong with your tank. After all, most corrosion occurs inside it. Here are a few warning signs you can check for:

  • dents in your tank
  • seeing or smelling oil near your tank
  • wet spots on your tank
  • rusting or peeling paint
  • pinhole leaks
  • unstable tank legs
  • broken or malfunctioning components (vent alarm, fuel gauge, oil lines)
  • cracking or splitting oil lines
  • unexplained increases in fuel usage from prior years

if you notice any of these issues, please contact us right away.

Burt’s is here to help with your oil storage concerns

Our technicians have the training and experience to quickly and thoroughly assess your tank’s condition. While some of the issues above can be repaired, others might signal that your tank needs to be retired. Especially if your current tank is approaching 30 years of service, a new one is probably the best call.

Today’s oil tanks — like the Granby Ecogard aboveground tank we install often — are lightyears more advanced than the models of even 20 years ago. They feature corrosion-proof materials and double-wall construction, making them much less likely to leak.

Are you concerned about your oil storage tank’s health? Don’t wait to get in touch with us. We want to help you as soon as possible!