Martin Romanelli

Dear Friends,

We have more than 1,000 keys set aside in our office and none of them fit our vehicles or even our own homes.

These are all house keys given to us by customers who trust us to enter their homes to fix a problem for them when they’re not around. This saves them the hassle of leaving work or making a long trip out to their second home.

Of all our achievements, I’m prouder of this than anything else. It means we’ve earned the highest level of trust possible from our customers — and we work hard every day to maintain that trust. I’m not aware of any other service provider around here that can match it.

If you would like us to have house keys that we can use in the event of an emergency, drop by or give us a call and please ask for Catherine Terry. Catherine is our key master.

As the cooler weather approaches, please remember that you can always count on Burt’s to be there when you need us, whether we have your keys or not. Thank you for your business and for your confidence in the people at Burt’s. We’ll continue to work hard to keep your trust and to keep you comfortable.


Martin Romanelli

Using biofuel qualifies you for a 20¢ per gallon credit.

Our natural heating oil with a 20% biofuel blend burns more cleanly than conventional heating oil, which improves heating system efficiency, so less fuel and money are needed to heat your home. All of our customers receive this clean-burning biofuel blend.

Biofuel also reduces harmful emissions, extends equipment life and reduces the need for equipment service.

If that’s not enough, here’s another great benefit — using biofuel qualifies you for a 20¢ per gallon credit on your state income taxes. For customers using 500 gallons of our biofuel per year, that’s a savings of $100!

Hold on to your receipts so you can claim this credit when you file your 2013 state taxes. By the end of this year, you will be able to download a tax credit form from our website.

If you would like to learn more about this tax credit, contact us.

The U.S. is currently ranked third in global oil production and is expected to take over the top spot in less than a decade.

We have always taken pride in delivering a safe, reliable and highly efficient fuel to our customers. And we’re always pleased to share good news with you about oil heat. Staying informed about what’s going on allows you to make smart decisions for your home and family.

U.S. Projected to Be Number One in Oil Production Soon

The U.S. is expected to take away Saudi Arabia’s crown as the world’s largest producer of crude oil by 2020!*

That’s mainly due to a big boom in nonconventional drilling techniques (extracting oil from shale), along with the addition of new pipelines, which move crude oil from Cushing, Oklahoma (a major hub in oil supply), to refineries in the Gulf states.

As one example, the Seaway Pipeline came on line in January, allowing 250,000 more barrels of oil per day to flow out of Cushing. More pipelines are expected to be operational later this year.

U.S. oil production, already at a 15-year high, is projected to rise to 7.3 million barrels per day this year. That’s an increase of 900,000 barrels per day from last year.

Because of this abundance in supply, oil prices are predicted to come down in the next few years.** And that’s good news for all of us!

Compare energy prices in the past, present, and future.

Oil Heat: The Ultimate Comfort Fuel

Oil generates more BTU’s of heat and warms a home more evenly than any other fuel.

Many people believe they’ll get a big payout if they switch to another heating fuel. But the mere cost to convert — typically thousands of dollars — could easily break the bank.

So why gamble by switching fuels when heating your home with oil is one of the safest bets around? Because oil generates more Btu’s of heat and warms a home more evenly than any other fuel, your home will be among the warmest on the block every winter. That’s why oil heat is the ultimate comfort fuel!

And don’t forget about service! You can always expect a fast and courteous response from us whenever you need help.

We think that’s one of the most important differences between utility companies and local fuel dealers like us. Utilities have been conditioned to think more about numbers than about people, in large part because they are monopolies that are more focused on financial and operational aspects than on customer service. In this respect, they are the opposite of local fuel oil dealers.

It’s just another reason why heating with oil is your best choice!

What’s So Hot about Oil-Fired Water Heaters?

Number of gallons per hour that can be heated with standard electric, gas and oil water heaters.

Oil-fired water-heating systems mean low-cost access to virtually unlimited amounts of hot water. That’s because their “recovery rate” is as high as 120 gallons per hour. (Recovery rate measures how many gallons of water can be heated in an hour.)

This means plenty of hot water for the whole family — something that less efficient gas and electric water heaters cannot provide.

Oil and Water DO Mix

More people are using their oil boilers not only to heat their homes, but to produce domestic hot water too. (That means hot water for sinks, tubs, showers, washing machines, etc.) This is commonly done through an indirect-fired water heater, which connects to your boiler.

This type of water-heating system provides a unique advantage for people with oil heat. Indirect-fired water heaters are only practical if the water in the tank can be heated quickly. Oil heats water very quickly. Indirect-fired units are less common in gas-heated homes because gas-fired systems produce hot water at a much lower rate than oil.

How it WORKS

  1. The boiler circulates hot water to a coil inside the water heater.
  2. The heat from the boiler’s hot water transfers from the coil to the water in the tank.

    • This system is most efficient in the winter when the boiler is being used to heat both the home and domestic water. In effect, no extra energy is needed to heat your domestic water — as opposed to a traditional water tank with its own oil or gas burner or electric heating elements.
    • Because the indirect-fired water heater gets installed as a separate zone with its own thermostat, the boiler “understands” when it needs to produce heat for that tank only — and not send unnecessary heat into the home.

Burt’s Reliable - A full-service heating oil company

Recently, several former customers called us with similar stories. They thought they had left us for an oil dealer who would charge them less. But now, a couple of years later, they are paying 10¢, 20¢ or even 30¢ more per gallon than we charge.

We know it’s hard to resist the lure of a “good deal”— the promise of low fuel prices and free services. But the truth is, those come-on offers usually disappear after a year or two, replaced by some of the highest prices in the market — not to mention poor service.

So here’s the real deal. With Burt’s, you get the value of fair prices, professional service and total customer satisfaction that comes from a local family-run business that looks after its friends and neighbors.

We care about your concerns, and there is always someone here in our Southold office to take your call, answer your questions and treat you with the respect that you deserve.

When you compare Burt’s to other full-service companies in the region, you’ll see that our daily price is generally below the average heating oil price in New York State, as reported by NYSERDA.*

*New York State Energy Research and Development Authority. Visit and click the energy data link to view prices.

A new high-efficiency oil heating system could reduce your annual fuel bills by as much as 30%.

If you have been keeping your fingers crossed hoping your boiler or furnace gets through another winter, it’s time to put those worries to rest. Please call or email us today and ask for your no-obligation heating system estimate. You may also qualify for 0% financing.

Because of advances in technology, today’s high-efficiency oil heating systems use much less fuel than older models. A new system can reduce annual fuel bills, on average, by about 30%. You’ll also save on repairs because you’ll minimize the potential of a system breakdown, a common problem with old systems. If you decide to proceed, rest assured that you will have the area’s most skilled, professional installation team at your home and on your side to guarantee you 100% comfort.

Burt’s Reliable plumbing expert, Billy Yantos

Q: What should I do if a water pipe bursts in my house?

A: Shut off the main water valve right away! Everyone in your home should know where the main valve is located and how to turn it off. Test the valve now to make sure it can be turned off in an emergency. (Turn it clockwise several times.) You should also clearly mark it “main water.”

Q: Where should I look for the valve?

A: It’s usually in the basement or utility room. However, we’ve had situations where customers have remodeled these areas and inadvertently hidden the valve from view. If this is your situation, please call us and we’ll relocate it so you always have easy access in any emergency situation.