Martin Romanelli

Dear Friends,

By now you’ve probably heard about our Gremlin™ tank monitor, which attaches to your aboveground tank (inside or outside) and records your fuel levels with amazing precision. What you may not know is that, for a limited time, these monitors are free for all of our customers with service plans.

With the Gremlin, you’ll have a real-time look at your fuel level anytime you want, making it practically impossible to run out. Through the use of the free Gremlin app, you can see how much fuel you’ve been using each day and your next approximate delivery date. Tap an icon on your phone and you can call us, email us or access our website.

If you have an underground tank and you want to replace it, now is an ideal time to consider switching to an aboveground tank, which can include your new Gremlin monitor. You may also qualify for a $300 rebate for installing a new storage tank.

This unique technology works for households with a Wi-Fi connection. Installation takes just 15 minutes, and we’ve already installed them for hundreds of our customers, who now feel 100% confident that they will never run out of fuel.

So why not give us a call today at 631-765-3767, or contact us here to set up an appointment? We’ll take care of it!

Martin Romanelli

Clean Fuel Tax Credit

Customers who use Burt’s Natural Heating Oil™ save 20¢ per gallon with New York’s clean-fuel state tax credit. All you need to claim your credit is your annual usage statement, which we mail to our customers at the beginning of every year.

For your convenience, we also load a current clean fuel credit form, along with instructions, onto our website when these become available for the new tax year.

Once you complete the clean fuel credit form, you can include it when you file your state income taxes to claim your credit. After that, sit back and think about what you’re going to do with that extra money. Our typical customer saves $150 because of this tax credit — and because Burt’s delivers the cleanest fuel on the North Fork and the East End!

As the saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Well, that doesn’t always hold true. Mailing checks to us works, but there’s an easier way — and it will save you time.

With our fast-growing AutoPay program, your payment can come straight from your debit or credit card. You can also opt to receive statements via email, which makes organizing your receipts much easier than doing things the old way, with printed mail.

Cash money

With AutoPay and emailed statements, you’ll:

  • enjoy increased convenience
  • save time
  • reduce paper clutter
  • save money on checks and stamps

Please call or contact us here to enroll or to learn more.

Clean, efficient oil heat continues to keep millions of homes warm and safe no matter the weather. Recent declines in heating oil prices and positive forecasts for stable prices in the foreseeable future have made oil heat an even more appealing option. And there’s plenty of heating oil to go around because of abundant supply!

C – it’s Clean!

Oil tank - CASE for Oil Heat

Renewable, cutting-edge and energy-efficient. These are all things you may be hearing about Bioheat® fuel. Bioheat is a blend of ultra-low-sulfur heating oil and biodiesel, which is made from natural sources, including soybeans, sunflowers, pumpkin seeds and more. Bioheat is made in the U.S., and that helps support local farmers, local industries and a local economy.

  • The most refined grade of heating oil available, clean-burning Bioheat has virtually no negative impact on the environment.
  • Bioheat produces near-zero levels of particulate matter during the combustion process.
  • Because of its super-clean-burning properties, Bioheat eliminates the source of most equipment issues.

Designed with corrosion-resistant materials, today’s tanks can last for decades. New technology allows for remote monitoring to protect against the rare event of a leak and guarantees that you will always have a sufficient supply of heating oil on hand.

A – it’s Abundant!

Average crude oil production

A driving force for the prevailing trend of stable, manageable oil prices has been the huge increases in U.S. crude oil production. The country is producing so much oil that we are moving toward being a net exporter, rather than a net importer. This could become a reality within the next 10 years, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

  • Based on an average of 2.6 or more persons per household, it’s estimated that more than 16.5 million people in our country benefit from heating oil each year.
  • In 2015, U.S. crude oil production averaged more than 9.4 million barrels per day, the highest annual average crude oil production since 1972. See graphic at right.
  • The U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve has a capacity of 727 million barrels; it’s the largest stockpile of government-owned emergency crude oil in the world.
  • The Northeast Home Heating Oil Reserve is a one-million barrel supply of ultra-low-sulfur heating oil for homes and businesses in the Northeast.
  • The majority of the heating oil used in the United States is refined domestically.

S – it’s Safe!

Under blanket

Oil heat has a lot going for it, and many people put safety at the top of the list. While there are plenty of reasons that people feel safe at home with oil heat, here are just three points to remember.

  1. Oil heat does not and cannot explode. Oil heat customers can be assured that the fuel stored in their tank is very safe.
  2. Oil heat is not a fire hazard. Heating oil cannot burn in its liquid state. Before combustion can occur, it must be vaporized by your oil burner at temperatures above 140°.
  3. There are no dangerous surprises. Oil heat poses a very low risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. If an oil burner malfunctions (most often this is due to a lack of maintenance), the safety devices in the unit will typically shut the furnace or boiler off.

E – it’s Efficient!

The latest oil heating systems are small, smart and super-efficient and can save you, on average, about 30% on your annual heating costs. There are many different equipment options to fit your budget.

energy-saving money

  • New oil heat systems have efficiency ratings as high as 95%; this provides more warmth for less fuel.
  • Fuel savings have reached as high as 48% when outdated boilers have been replaced with high-efficiency oil boilers.
  • Many new oil boilers use energy-saving controls that greatly reduce fuel usage during mildly cold weather and provide a more even heat with fewer temperature swings.
  • High-efficiency oil furnaces feature variable speed motors that use about 80% less electricity than older motors and provide more consistent airflow and temperatures.
  • Heating oil has been reformulated and infused with renewable Bioheat to make it cleaner burning, much more environmentally friendly and significantly more energy efficient. This has paved the way for the next generation of compact, super-efficient boilers and furnaces.
  • New oil heat systems are so reliable that most manufacturers offer warranties for as long as ten years; if something ever fails, it’s easy to get replacement parts.

Sources: National Oilheat Research Alliance, U.S. Energy Information Administration, NYSERDA, U.S. Census Bureau.

Here’s what we do to protect your vacation home during the cold season.

Winterize Your Vacation Home
Winterize Your Vacation Home
  • We make sure your home’s storage tank always has enough fuel to keep enough heat in the home during winter. (You cannot shut the heat off entirely or you risk frozen pipes.)
  • We shut down the water, tune up the equipment and generally keep the home both winterized and ready to go for the return of spring.
  • For added protection, we can add an antifreeze solution to your boiler system to prevent heating lines from freezing. We also recommend a wireless tank monitor and Wi-Fi thermostat.

Please contact us to learn more about how we can protect your vacation home.

You may have fond memories of your time at summer camp. For children with special needs, the memories that camp builds can help carry them — and their parents — through tough times.

Camp Paquatuck

That’s why we’re a proud supporter of Camp Pa-Qua- Tuck. Thanks to the efforts of Rotary Club members, the camp has been making the dreams of children with disabilities a reality for more than 50 years. Each year, thousands of youngsters enjoy summer fun at the 37-acre site on the shores of Kaler’s Pond in Center Moriches.

Please visit if you would like to lend your support.

You can make a difference in the lives of many children!

José Umana

Recently promoted to the position of A/C field supervisor, José Umana is a 16-year veteran of our service team.

José has handled a lot of no-heat emergency calls during his years as an on-call service technician, and while it may be tough to be working while most Long Islanders are sleeping, the rewards make it all worthwhile.

“When an elderly person has been shivering and thanks me for being there to get the heat back, I forget that it’s two in the morning. It makes me feel good about what I do,” says José, who is a native of El Salvador.

“When I started here all those years ago, I didn’t have much experience. But Burt’s gave me a chance, and they told me, ‘as long as you want to work hard, we’re going to help you in any way possible.’ They sent me to air conditioning and heating classes and paid for it all. And I learned even more by working side by side with their most experienced service technicians. By far, this is the best job I’ve ever had.”