Radiant Floor Heating
radiant floor heating suffolk county, ny

Enjoy warm undersurface heating inside—and outside—your home!

Few things in life are as comfortable as boiler-produced moist heat flowing just below the surface of your floors. The air feels moister and more “full” than that of furnace-produced heat. And nothing quite matches walking around in barefooted warmth during the coldest day of a Long Island winter.

This piped-in warm-water heat is called radiant floor heating. You can control the temperature of each room by regulating the hot water’s flow through its tubing loops. And you enjoy the effects of heavier warm air that stays lower in the room, versus rising-hot-air systems that send the warmth toward the ceiling.

But radiant heat can do much more than just warm the floors and air inside your home—it can also run underneath your driveway, sidewalk, patio or garage floor, so you can avoid ever having to shovel or blow snow after a blizzard again! (For outdoor applications, we add glycol to the water system to prevent freezing.)

Burt’s Reliable sells and installs a wide range of radiant floor heating systems.

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