Heating Oil

We Deliver Clean, Reliable and Renewable Biofuel for your North Fork Home

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Our Natural Heating Oil®, also known as Bioheat®, combines low-sulfur heating oil with biofuel

We are firmly committed to green energy solutions that not only enhance comfort and convenience for our customers, but also save money over the long-term while protecting the environment.

That’s why Burt’s Reliable remains the only heating oil company on the North Fork that delivers low-sulfur natural heating oil with a B20 biofuel blend. Other companies at best use only a 2% or 3% blend of biofuel. Because of our higher blend, the B20 Bioheat we deliver burns more cleanly than natural gas!

According to a comprehensive report conducted by Brookhaven National Laboratory and presented to Congress in 2015 by the National Oilheat Research Alliance (NORA), blends containing 20% or more Bioheat produce lower greenhouse gas emissions than natural gas!  

The report states: “Bioheat heating oil is a clean, responsible alternative to natural gas heating systems and performs admirably against all other heating systems.” 

Clean-burning Bioheat improves heating system efficiency, extends equipment life and reduces service calls. Besides being kind to the environment, biofuel also saves you money because you can apply for a 20¢-per-gallon Clean Fuel Credit on your state income taxes.

For more information about clean-burning home heating oil, competitive heating oil prices and the Clean Fuel Credit in Southold, Greenport, Riverhead, Shoreham and surrounding North Fork communities, email us or call our office today.