Tank Monitors

Tank monitors provide 100% confidence

Burt’s Reliable is the only fuel company on the North Fork that provides free oil tank monitoring

We want our customers to have 100% confidence in their comfort, so we do something no other fuel company around here does. We install state-of-the-art tank monitors free for all service plan customers with an aboveground tank and an accessible Wi-Fi connection.

Gremlin tank monitors suffolk county, ny

The tank monitor attaches to a tank and constantly measure its fuel level. It then sends the readings to our office over the homeowner’s Wi-Fi connection.

We will know exactly how much fuel is in a customer’s tank at all times. With this precision, Burt’s Reliable customers can feel 100% confident they will get exactly the fuel they need, when they need it.

Free smartphone app

Customers can also download a free smartphone app that instantly shows the oil tank level, the fuel being used each day and the next approximate delivery date. At the tap of an icon, customers are able to call or email us or access our website on their phone.

  • installs in 15 minutes
  • measures fuel daily and sends readings to us over an encrypted connection via Wi-Fi
  • smartphone app lets customers see how much fuel they are using and how much is in the tank anytime, from anywhere
  • free to Burt’s reliable customers with service plans, aboveground tanks and accessible Wi-Fi connection

For more information about tank monitors and tank monitoring in Southold, Greenport, Riverhead, Shoreham and surrounding North Fork communities, email us or call our office.