Ask the Expert – Winter 2014

Edwin Moran

Q: I need a new water heater. Would an indirect-fired water heater be a good choice?

A: It usually is, as long as you heat your home with a hydronic hot water system (a boiler). People who have a forced-air system (a furnace) cannot take advantage of indirect water heating technology, but they do have the option of installing a high-efficiency direct-fired water heater.

Q: How does an indirect-fired water heater actually work?

A: An indirect-fired water heater uses your boiler as its heat source. (In contrast, a direct-fired water heater has its own burner.) In an indirect system, the boiler circulates hot water to a coil inside the water heater. This heats the water in the tank. The high recovery rate of this unit makes it one of the most efficient hot water tanks available. Call us to see if an indirect-fired water heater would be a good solution for your water heating needs.