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Air conditioning installation and service.

We’re experts in handling the weather and building challenges of the North Fork.

Burt’s has served area residents and businesses for almost 100 years. Over that time, we have grown through our dedication to customer service excellence and our customers’ generous recommendations to their friends and family to use us too.

Beyond heating, plumbing, and fuel delivery, one of our core areas of expertise is air conditioner repair, maintenance, and sales – all provided at a fair price.

Not only can we keep you cool during a blistering Long Island summer – we can even configure your cooling system to help you stay warmer more affordably in the winter!

Burt’s expert technicians are also fully trained to repair and maintain your cooling equipment, and we offer very attractive service plans to help your systems run more efficiently and save you money on your utility bill.

Should you need new central air conditioning equipment, we will help you determine the best unit for your building’s size, occupancy and usage demands. We will also alert you to any manufacturer discounts that will make your purchase more affordable.

A Reliable solution for vacation home maintenance

A major part of our vacation home maintenance services is air conditioning upkeep. Whether you occupy the home or rent it to others, you can depend on us to arrive quickly for repairs, perform off-season maintenance, and quickly and expertly install a new system if necessary.

Emergency service available

When you call us for air conditioning support, you will always speak with a representative – never an answering machine. Should you experience an emergency, we will be at your home or business ASAP. And for nonemergency service, you can depend on us to return any call promptly and to arrive within the window of time that we promise.

Need a residential or commercial air conditioning contractor today? Burt’s Reliable!

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