Are Smart Thermostats A Worthwhile Investment?

smart thermostats new yorkA programmable thermostat can be one of the better bang-for-the-buck investments for improving efficiency in your Long Island home, no matter what kind of heating or cooling system you have.

But what about the smart thermostats that you’re hearing more about these days – are they worth the time, money and effort to install? Let’s take a look.

Thermostat types: Basic, Programmable, and Smart

Basic thermostats operate as a control panel for your heating and AC systems, allowing manual adjustment of temperature. Programmable thermostats take that functionality a step further by letting you set temperatures based on the time of day.

Smart thermostats take things to another level by learning from your behaviors and allowing you to control your home systems remotely. For example, you can “teach” a smart thermostat to shut when you leave the house, and turn back on in time to make the house cozy by the time you to get home.

Many smart thermostats will estimate how long it will take to make the change you’ve requested, so you can see how effective your climate control system really is. Some models will even allow you to see your energy consumption in real-time, or adjust themselves based on ambient conditions such as humidity.

Part of a smart home?

A smart thermostat – like the Ecobee models installed by Burt’s team of professionals – is a simple, convenient, and powerful way to manage the climate of your home and save money in the process. They’ll pay for themselves quickly and give you more control than ever over your heating and cooling equipment.

If you want to experience even more smart benefits in your home, though, we’ve got just the thing for you: our Wi-Fi Tech Package.

For a nominal cost, our Wi-Fi Tech package covers the price of a service call and labor to diagnose and fix any problems associated with a Wi-Fi enabled, fuel-related device (replacements not included).

Included in this coverage is the Gremlin tank monitor, which we will install for FREE if you’re covered by the program. We’ll also pick up the cost of the monthly tank monitoring fee. The Wi-Fi Tech Package covers the labor costs of resetting of your smart thermostat (if you have one), as well as resetting the LeakBreaker device for your water heater.

Lower your bills and control your home heating and cooling from anywhere, any time! Contact Burt’s Reliable today to learn more about smart thermostat installations in the North Fork or East End of LI, or to learn more about our Wi-Fi Tech Package!