Our B20 Bioheat® Blend Lowers your NY Taxes

Customers qualify for an average income tax credit of $150 each year!

fuel tax credit new yorkYou might have heard that heating oil distributors in New York state now have to put a minimum amount of organic biofuel in the product they deliver. Here are the new benchmarks:

  • a 5 percent biofuel blend, starting this past July
  • a 10 percent blend by 2025
  • a 20 percent blend by 2030

At Burt’s Reliable, we think incorporating biofuel is a great idea. We’re already delivering a 20 percent blend to North Fork and East End homes! We know this is the right thing to do for our customers and the planet.

Our B20 Bioheat fuel is some of the cleanest heating oil available in the U.S. It’s actually cleaner-burning than natural gas in the blend we deliver. Our fuel combines ultra-low-sulfur heating oil and biofuel made from organic and recycled products, including soybean oil, used cooking oils, inedible corn oil, canola, tallow, fats and algae.

This fuel produces significantly fewer carbon dioxide, sulfur oxide, particulate matter and mercury emissions. It also leaves almost no deposits in your heating equipment, reducing wear and tear and extending your system’s lifespan.

And every year at tax time, you can enjoy the financial benefit of the Clean Fuel Credit.

How the Clean Fuel tax credit works

New York State offers residents who heat their homes with renewable energy an excellent income tax incentive. The Clean Fuel Credit applies to state income taxes — a $.01/gallon credit per percentage point of biofuel.

While our competitors may settle for the regulatory minimum 5 percent blend, Burt’s Reliable’s B20 Bioheat fuel earns you a $0.20 credit for each gallon of heating oil you purchase. That really adds up. A customer who ordered 750 gallons over the course of the year — the average for our area — gets a $150 credit at tax time!

Applying for this tax credit

Once the year is through, we’ll send customers an annual usage statement. This lists all deliveries, including the gallons delivered. With this statement, you can apply for your Clean Fuel Tax Credit.

Of course, tax time isn’t here, but you can still bone up on the filing process here.

If you aren’t a customer yet and want to take advantage of our clean-burning, super-efficient B20 blend heating oil, contact us today.