Be Prepared: The Importance of Routine Heating Maintenance

heating maintenance in long island

If something can go wrong, it usually will – and almost always at the worst time.

To most people, that sentiment is known as Murphy’s Law – but in the heating oil world, we call it “business as usual,” especially here in the Northeastern U.S., where Mother Nature can be a little…shall we say…unpredictable.

There’s only one real remedy for the exploits of Mr. Murphy and our dear Mother, and that’s to be prepared – a phrase no doubt uttered by coal shoveling heating pros long before it was made famous by Robert Baden-Powell and the Boy Scouts.

The best way to be prepared when it comes keeping your family warm and safe all winter long? Stay on top of your routine home heating maintenance by signing up for a Burt’s Reliable Gold or Silver Heating Oil Comfort Plan.

Why Routine Heating Maintenance Matters

When you choose a Heating Oil Service Plan from Burt’s, you’ll get:

  • An annual tune-up that will keep heating system efficiency high and catch small issues before they turn into big problems
  • Priority service during no-heat emergencies
  • Coverage for a range of replacement furnace, boiler, and burner parts
  • Better safety performance due to early detection of fuel leaks and potential carbon monoxide risks
  • Better environmental performance due to reduced emissions

We know that your family’s comfort and safety are your priorities. They’re ours, too – which is why our customers know they can trust us to be there when emergencies arise 24/7/365.

Emergencies won’t wait until the weather clears or normal business hours resume – and neither will we. No matter when you need us, we are on call and at your service to help keep your family warm and safe.

Contact the heating pros at Burt’s Reliable today to learn more about our reliable heating oil deliveries and expert heating oil service, or to sign up for a Gold or Silver Heating Oil Comfort Plan!