Time to Check Your Furnace Filters!

Replacing furnace filter

Your furnace has gotten quite a workout so far this winter – chances are it’s been running almost continuously, especially during the record-cold temperatures early in the year.

That kind of workload also takes a toll on your furnace filters, which should be checked at least once a month during the heating season. If you haven’t checked your filter since before the holidays, it pays to look soon.

Here’s why: when an air filter clogs, it traps heated air before it has a chance to flow into your home, making your furnace work harder to do its job. Over time, this overwork will lead to:

  • Higher bills – Operating your system with dirty filters can cost you far more money than the filters themselves.
  • Less comfort – When your filter is blocked, your home won’t be as cozy as it should be.
  • Unnecessary repairs – Over time, an overworked heating system will wear down, leading to an unnecessary (and possibly costly) heating system repair.

The good news is you can avoid many of these problems simply by checking your furnace filter once a month during heating season. It takes less than five minutes to do, and replacement filters are generally fairly inexpensive.

See your owner’s manual to learn how to check your filter – if you have any problems, just call us.

Check your filter once a month to avoid unnecessary repairs and premature breakdowns. If your furnace (or boiler) isn’t working as well as you think it should, contact us today – we’ll figure out the problem so you stay safe and warm this winter.