We Have the Diesel to Make Your Business Run

Burt’s Reliable offers ultra-low-sulfur diesel for on and off-road use

commercial diesel new yorkHomeowners throughout Long Island’s North Fork and East End know Burt’s Reliable as the area’s most dependable heating oil, kerosene, HVAC services and plumbing provider. But we also provide services to farms and businesses.

Burt’s Reliable is the most trusted retailer for on and off-road diesel. Our high-quality, low-emissions fuel can help your fleet of vehicles and equipment run smoothly.

The Cleanest Diesel Around

Burt’s Reliable supplies on and off-road diesel to:

  • farms
  • delivery companies
  • caterers, event planners, and florists
  • food service providers
  • moving companies
  • warehouses
  • shuttle bus companies
  • landscapers

These customers trust us because of our proven reliability. We always show up when we promise and deliver the best product in the region.

We exclusively deliver ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel, which contains 15 parts per million (ppm) or less of sulfur, compared to 5,000 ppm for standard petroleum-based fuel. Using this product reduces sulfur dioxide emissions, known to cause acid rain and respiratory ailments.

We sell both red-dyed off-road diesel and undyed road diesel. Please remember that you can receive a fine for using off-road diesel in an on-road vehicle tank.

A Note on Diesel Prices

We don’t need to tell you that energy prices are currently high. Ever since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the price of crude oil has been in record territory.

For retailers of heating oil and diesel, there’s the additional challenge: these products are in short supply right now. The rate for diesel on commodities exchanges is actually lower than we can get from suppliers, which pretty much never happens. This phenomenon is called “basis blowout” — it reflects a disconnect between the markets and supplies.

However, this low supply also indicates something hopeful. It means that a lot of suppliers expect oil prices to drop in the near future. So, they’re hesitant to purchase a lot of fuel that may fall in price soon.

Even so, no one really knows what will happen in energy markets in the weeks and months ahead. But you can be confident that we’re always working to supply your diesel at a fair price, no matter the short supply or pricing challenges.

If you want a diesel partner who truly values your business, become a Burt’s Reliable customer.