Is DIY Air Conditioning Installation a Good Idea?

central air service wading river, ny Have you considered upgrading a tired central air conditioning system that can’t keep up with the heat? Did you recently move into a home and want to replace the cooling system before summer arrives?

Some of our North Fork and East End customers have asked if trying a do-it-yourself A/C installation is a good move.

While installing your own air conditioning is possible, it’s not a great idea. Today’s air conditioning systems are complex, and installation can be time-consuming and stressful. Hiring a professional team like the one at Burt’s Reliable will save you a lot of headaches and guarantee that your system operates well for years to come.

The risks of handling your own A/C installation

Taking on a DIY air conditioning installation comes with a fair share of hazards, and you may end up spending more money than you would with a professional installation.

Time lost in research and securing equipment

Before you can get going with your installation, you must identify and acquire the A/C equipment. A professional cooling technician will be able to look at your home’s space and ventilation and offer some products to match it. With a DIY option, you have to do a lot of that research on your own.
Established companies like Burt’s Reliable also have good relationships with equipment suppliers. This is vital in an age of supply chain delays and product shortages.

Permits and other paperwork

There can be Equipment Use Permits associated with installing a central air conditioner, so you’ll have to navigate bureaucratic red tape. If you’re replacing an old system using R-22 refrigerant, there are additional requirements for its removal and disposal. Professional HVAC technicians have certifications and training to handle this.

Risk of injury

Simply put, A/C installation is strenuous and can also be dangerous. The equipment is bulky and heavy. You might need to pour concrete or upgrade electrical wiring. Depending on the project’s complexity, you could be in for significant physical labor and injury risk.

Maintenance issues

There’s an old seeing, “Nothing is more expensive than something free.”

While you might save money on the upfront labor with a DIY installation, your work may need to be updated or fixed to get the new cooling system working at peak performance. Even a minor oversight or poor calibration can cause severe maintenance issues.

On the other hand, if you bring in an established HVAC professional, they will stand behind their work and fix any problems that might crop up.

Burt’s Reliable takes the stress out of A/C installation.

When it comes to A/C installation, just about no one does more for homes in eastern Long Island. If your cooling equipment is over 10 years old and not keeping you reliably cool in the summer, we can help you choose a replacement and install it right the first time!

We also offer A/C service plan coverage at a reasonable price. These plans guarantee yearly maintenance and keep your equipment working efficiently for a long time.

Why wait for your current cooling system to fail? Reach out to us for a free estimate on new equipment.