Wrap Up Heating Season with a Tune-Up!

hvac tune up Riverhead, ny Temperatures are rising, and the sunlight lasts through dinnertime. Can you feel summer around the corner?

We know it’s a relief to be able to turn off your boiler or furnace at the end of the heating season. But there’s one more heating system task you may want to consider before busting out the swimsuit and sunscreen: an end-of-season tune-up.

In Southold, Riverhead, Wading River and other Suffolk County communities, homeowners are seeing the benefits of an HVAC tune-up from Burt’s Reliable.

Why is a heating system tune-up helpful?

When you bring in a service technician, your boiler or furnace will thank you. Here are some significant benefits you’ll enjoy:

Increased efficiency

When you get an end-of-season tune-up, you’ll ensure energy savings the following winter. The cleanings and calibrations lead to better efficiency. According to the Department of Energy, proper heating system maintenance and upgrades, combined with insulation, air sealing and thermostat settings, can lower your energy bills by 30 percent!

Fewer repairs

When a Burt’s Reliable technician performs a heating tune-up, they can identify and fix minor issues before they turn into full-fledged breakdowns. This also extends your boiler or furnace’s lifespan.

Keeping your manufacturer’s warranty in effect

Many homeowners are unaware that the manufacturer’s warranty on their new heating equipment requires annual maintenance. If you skip a tune-up and your system breaks down, you might end up paying in full for a repair that the warranty typically covers.

Do you need a tune-up every year?

Not necessarily. Burt’s Reliable customers receive some of the cleanest heating oil in New York. Our Natural Heating Oil® (also called Bioheat® fuel) has a 20% biofuel blend and burns incredibly cleanly. It leaves less than a tablespoon of soot per year! This means our customers don’t always need a tune-up every year. (Though you should get one if your warranty requires it.)

Not only that, but you qualify for a 20-cent per gallon tax credit through the state of New York!
Feel free to contact us if you are unsure if you need a tune-up this season.

Why is spring a good time to arrange heating system maintenance?

Spring is one of the best times to get a tune-up because you have the largest selection of appointment times. In winter, our technicians are booked from sunup to sundown with no-heat repairs and other urgent calls. In spring, you can have your pick of service appointments.

Spring tune-ups are also more convenient for homeowners because you don’t need your equipment to heat your home while we’re working on it.

And don’t worry — a heating system tune-up won’t “wear off” between now and next winter. Your equipment will be ready to heat your home efficiently when the mercury drops again.

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For over a century, we’ve been keeping eastern Long Island homes comfortable and safe all year round. You are our top priority. If you have any questions about how to better maintain your heating or cooling equipment this spring, we’re here to help.

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