Plumbing Tips From the Experts at Burt’s Reliable

We help you keep your plumbing running smooth

plumbing service long island, nyFor decades, Burt’s Reliable has been providing top-quality plumbing services to homes here in the North Fork.

We help with everything from vacation home maintenance to kitchen and bath renovations to everyday repairs. Over the years, we’ve developed close relationships with our customers and give them the neighborly and respectful treatment they deserve.

One way we help our customers is by teaching them about their home’s plumbing. That’s why we’re offering these tips.

How to shut off your water supply

This is especially important to protecting your home and its contents. You should do this when you go away on vacation. This prevents water from coming into your home while you are away, meaning that you won’t come home to a flood if leaks develop in your plumbing. You also need to do this if you need to evacuate your home ahead of a hurricane or other dangerous weather.

Another common reason you need to know how to turn off your home’s main water supply is in the event of a leaking or burst pipe or other plumbing problem. This prevents damage in that area and makes it possible for our plumbers to fix whatever is wrong.

How to deal with valves

Whether it’s the main supply valve for your house or a valve under your bathroom sink, older valves wear out or get stuck over time. That makes them hard, or even impossible, for you to use. Before you’re faced with this problem in an emergency situation, have us come out to replace those old valves with new ball valves.

How to protect outdoor plumbing

Having outdoor valves for hoses, sprinklers, and watering plants is super convenient in the summer. But they are at a risk of freezing in winter if left unprotected. First, shut off the water supply to all your outdoor valves, then drain the water. Outdoor valve covers, available at most home improvement stores or online, are a cost-effective way to shield your outdoor valves from the cold. You can also disconnect outdoor valves for maximum security. Installing frost-free spigots is another way to protect your outdoor valves.

How to turn down, or off, your water heater

First of all, be safe when it comes to your water heater. If it fails and starts flooding, the first impulse is likely to go turn it off yourself. That can be dangerous. Get away from that area and call us right away for emergency service.

Turning your water heater temperature setting to vacation mode before you leave on vacation is a great way to save money on energy costs. However, don’t turn your water heater off before vacation. Trying to turn it back on when you get home, especially if it’s an older system, may cause it to fail.

How to deal with boiler issues

Your home’s boiler comes with a pressure relief valve to keep the pressure inside of it at a safe level. But if your boiler’s pressure relief valve keeps tripping, that can be a sign of trouble. Don’t try to DIY this one. Contact us to come out and inspect it. The solution may be as simple as a new pressure relief valve or expansion device.

When you need quality plumbing service, Burt’s Reliable can’t be beat! Contact us for service.