Buying Diesel Fuel For Your Farm Or Business

diesel fuel buying tips new yorkDiesel fuel is the lifeblood of many Long Island farms and other commercial East End and North Fork businesses. But what’s the best way to buy it?

Diesel Purchasing Tips

Here are five things to keep in mind before you buy your next batch of diesel fuel:

  • Buy in bulk. To reduce the annual cost of diesel fuel, consider buying it in bulk. The key to doing that successfully is to plan ahead: think about how much fuel you need in advance, then try to buy it in the shoulder seasons (that is, not during planting and harvest seasons). When diesel is inexpensive, consider stocking up – it will remain useable in your tank for two years or more.
  • Budget for the ups and downs. The market price for diesel fuel can swing considerably from month to month and season to season, for reasons ranging from policy changes to extreme weather. Rather than trying to time the market, build some flexibility into your fuel budget; if diesel prices drop, you’ll be even more profitable.
  • Maintain your storage equipment. Get routine maintenance for your diesel storage tank every year to keep your fuel clean and to prevent fuel leaks and tank corrosion.
  • Manage your records carefully. Managing your records is about more than staying on top of expenses – it’s about forecasting future costs and use, and finding ways to become more efficient as a business.
  • Only buy diesel from a trusted supplier. When it comes to buying diesel fuels, you get what you pay for: choose a diesel discounter and you may get a better price, but not a better value.

There are many options to choose from when it comes to buying diesel fuel in eastern LI, but when it comes to providing quality fuel deliveries at fair prices, no one beats Burt’s Reliable. Every gallon of diesel we sell is graded as ultra-low-sulfur, which means it will burn cleanly and power any diesel engine sold in the U.S. today. Our fuel burns so cleanly, in fact, that it will help extend the life of your equipment!

If you need reliable ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel for your eastern LI farm or business, don’t worry – We’ll Take Care of It! Contact Burt’s Reliable today to learn more about bulk diesel deliveries in Long Island’s East End and North Fork!