How can I lower my heating bill?

“How can I lower my heating bill?”

long island furnace installationIt’s probably the question that our customers ask most, and we understand why: keeping a home comfortable through a lengthy Eastern Long Island heating season isn’t cheap.

There are, of course, the usual suspects when it comes to making your home energy efficient during the heating season, with blocking drafts, staying on top of your air filter changes, keeping your vents clear, and scheduling your annual heating maintenance topping the list.

But if you’ve noticed that you’re paying considerably more to heat your home than you have in years past, it could be time to take more drastic measures.

Significantly higher energy bills are usually a sign that your heating system has lost efficiency: while heating oil prices can rise from year to year, they tend to do so slowly. If you see a spike in your bills rather than a slow increase, your equipment is probably to blame.

If you know your furnace or boiler is an older model when you start to see higher bills, it could be time to consider a heating system upgrade. A new, high-efficiency Peerless boiler or Thermo Pride furnace could lower your annual fuel costs by 20 percent or more without sacrificing your comfort. With that kind of savings, your heating equipment installation will pay for itself in just a few years.

Replace your old furnace or boiler with a new model and you will also see an improvement in comfort, plus savings on heating maintenance and heating repairs. Add a Gold or Silver Heating Oil Comfort Service Plan contract and you’ll get even more peace of mind.

Not sure if you’re ready to commit to a new oil-fired furnace or boiler? Contact us today and ask for a comprehensive heating system evaluation and FREE, no-obligation heating installation estimate. Our experts will give you an honest assessment and help you make the right choice for your needs and your budget.

If you choose a heating equipment upgrade, the expert technicians at Burt’s Reliable will get your new system installed quickly and correctly so you can start enjoying your savings and comfort right away.