Heating Tune-Ups: How Often Do I Need Them?

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People sometimes ask us, “Do I need a heating maintenance every year?”

Our answer is usually yes – but not always.

An oil-fired home heating system is a significant investment for a homeowner, and like any investment it should be protected. The best way to do that is by having it inspected and maintained regularly by a professional heating contractor like Burt’s Reliable.

Routine heating system service will:

  • Keep your equipment running reliably
 – About four out of the five heating problems we see are preventable; proper care will help you avoid inconvenient equipment breakdowns, and the potentially costly heating repairs that come with them.
  • Keep your energy bills low – A well-maintained furnace or boiler runs more efficiently, so you’ll save on your utility bills – often enough over the course of a single season to pay for your annual tune-up.
  • Help your equipment last longer – Having to replace your neglected heating system earlier than expected can be a drag – and a costly one, at that. Regular maintenance can add years to the life of your heating equipment.
  • Improve your air quality – A well-maintained furnace helps keep air moving throughout your home, keeping indoor air healthy and helping to prevent mold problems.

When should you NOT schedule annual heating maintenance?

As we said before, heating maintenance is usually needed every year, but not always. So when is it NOT needed?

Usually, we don’t recommend scheduling annual heating maintenance unless you have burned through 1000 gallons of oil since your last tune-up. Annual maintenance isn’t needed, for example, in homes that you don’t occupy over the fall and winter, or where you only use your furnace or boiler for part of the season. In those cases, you probably only need routine heating maintenance about once every other year.

Keep your heating system running better for longer – sign up for a Burt’s Oil Heat Service Plan, which includes a tune-up plus covered repairs, repair discounts, priority service, and more. Contact us to schedule your appointment for heating system maintenance in eastern LI today.