Is an Indirect-Fired Water Heater Right for Me?

indirect fired water heater

An indirect-fired water heater is one of the smartest ways to heat the water in your home – but many people don’t know much about this energy efficient option.

Here’s the lowdown: Rather than use a separate burner to heat water (as a conventional water heater would), an indirect water heater uses heat generated by your boiler or furnace to feed hot water to your faucets and appliances. By operating this way, you basically get your water heated for free when your heating system is running – which is a big deal, considering that about 20 percent of the energy you use during the winter goes toward heating your water.

But having lower bills is only one advantage of choosing an indirect-fired water heater. Others include:

  • Having fewer parts to maintain – When you combine water and space heating, you only have one burner to service.
  • Faster-heating water – Indirect hot water heaters usually have faster recovery rates (the time it takes to re-heat a tank of water) than typical water heater, since they use the high Btu output of the furnace or boiler as a heat source.
  • Greater durability – Since it uses no direct flame, stress in an indirect heater is significantly reduced, making them very durable with a long life expectancy.

An indirect water heater can be hard to beat when paired with a high efficiency boiler or furnace as the heat source. Contact Burt’s today for a FREE, no obligation estimate on an indirect-fired water heater for your North Fork home!