Natural Heating Oil® Saves You Money With Uncle Sam

new york heating oil tax creditIn a year where money is tight for many of us, we need to do what we can, where we can to save it.

While following energy saving tips and installing high efficiency heating equipment are two great ways to start, one of the best and simplest ways to save money during the winter is to simply use Natural Heating Oil from Burt’s Reliable.

That’s because New York State provides a 20-cent per gallon Clean Fuel Credit on your state income taxes for your annual Biofuel purchases. In other words, if you used 750 gallons of Burt’s Natural Heating Oil®  (also known as Bioheat®) in 2020, you qualify for a $150 clean fuel tax credit.

It’s important to understand that many other heating oil companies in eastern LI don’t offer Bioheat; those that do usually offer a lower percentage blend, which means less savings for you (since New York gives a one-cent credit for every percentage of biodiesel in your fuel…meaning that a B5 blend would only give you a 5-cent credit per gallon).

The bottom line: if you want to maximize your tax savings, choose B20 Bioheat – Natural Heating Oil – from Burt’s Reliable.

How do I apply for a Clean Fuel Credit?

Instructions for applying for your Clean Fuel Credit can be found here, where you can also find a claim form for your Clean Fuel Credit application.

If you are a Burt’s Reliable customer, you’ll get an annual usage statement listing all deliveries by date and gallons delivered sometime in January; simply use these figures to apply for the Clean Fuel Credit.

If you’re not a Burt’s Reliable customer, why not become one and experience the Burt’s difference for yourself? We have the most reliable delivery of high quality B20 biofuel in our North Fork or East End service area.

Getting money back on your taxes? Why not get a home comfort upgrade? Burt’s can help you with a FREE, no obligation estimate on top quality, high-efficiency heating system that’s just right for your home and budget. Contact us today to learn more.

For more information about clean-burning home heating oil, competitive heating oil prices and the Clean Fuel Credit in Southold, Greenport, Riverhead, Shoreham and surrounding North Fork communities, contact Burt’s Reliable today.