When Should I Replace My Thermostat?

choosing thermostat new yorkEver wonder if a thermostat can go bad (as in “no longer working”-bad, not “turning to a life of crime”-bad)?

The answer, unfortunately, is yes.

A typical thermostat should last about a decade; after that point, it can start to work less reliably than it should – and as is the case with any heating equipment, you’ll be faced with a choice to repair or replace it.

How do you make that choice? Here are some rules of thumb:

Repair your thermostat if:

  • Your furnace/boiler or A/C won’t start – Problem wiring can disconnect your thermostat from your heating and cooling system; a heating and air conditioning professional should be able to fix this problem without replacing the unit.
  • Your air conditioner runs constantly – If your A/C won’t shut off, you either have a different type of wiring problem, or you have trouble with your compressor (the outdoor component of your central air conditioner / HVAC system). Again, a pro should be able to fix the problem without replacing the thermostat.

Replace your thermostat if:

  • A battery switch had no effect – If problems and funky display issues persist after you replace your thermostat batteries, you may need a new thermostat.
  • You’re experiencing uneven cooling in your home – While indoor temperatures will vary somewhat from room to room, the change shouldn’t be too drastic. If it is, you could be experiencing a cycling problem (that is, your system turns on and off too frequently). One common cause of cycling? A broken thermostat.
  • Your thermostat won’t respond to your settings – If your thermostat just won’t do what you’re telling it to do – even if you ask nicely – it may be time for a thermostat upgrade.

Ready To Replace Your Thermostat? Think “Smart”

If you’re ready to replace your thermostat, strongly consider upgrading to a Wi-Fi or smart thermostat like the Ecobee models we feature at Burt’s Reliable. Read about some of the great features of these incredibly sophisticated marvels here, or contact us to talk about them with an expert.

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