Service Your Furnace or Boiler Before Winter Arrives

long island heating system service

We’ve had a mild early fall so far in Eastern LI – good news if you’re a fan of summer, not so good if you’re a leaf peeper. With cold temps staying away for now, you can put off your annual heating maintenance a little longer, right?

Well, not really.

Servicing Your Long Island Home’s Heating System

There are many reasons to take care of maintenance for your oil-fired heating equipment right now, before cold weather arrives. Here are five important ones:

  • Lower heating bills – Your furnace or boiler accumulates dust and dirt in the offseason, and if you got your heating service early last year, fragile parts have worn down after a long winter; those factors and more contribute to diminished efficiency for your equipment. An annual tune-up will clean out blockages and replace worn down internal components, restoring most of your equipment’s efficiency and reducing your bills in the process – usually enough to offset the cost of the tune-up.
  • Fewer repairs – Professional maintenance will not only improve efficiency, it will also reduce wear and tear on your heating oil furnace or boiler – a practice that will prolong its life in your home and reduce the likelihood of costly heating repairs.
  • Safer equipment – Oil-fired furnaces and boilers are incredibly safe if they’re working properly. But a leak or cracked heat exchanger can be quite dangerous. Heating maintenance spots those issues before they become hazards to your family.
  • Faster service – If your heating equipment is nearing a repair, it won’t necessarily break down until it’s under winter stress. The problem is that the arrival of frigid temperatures usually leads to a barrage of repair phone calls. If you don’t want your name at the bottom of that repair list, contact us now to schedule regular heating maintenance.
  • A more sellable home – If you’re planning to put your house on the market, having a well-maintained furnace or boiler (with the paperwork to prove it) could be a significant selling point. Get that paperwork in order by scheduling a furnace or boiler inspection and service visit now.

A small investment in routine heating maintenance will pay for itself in bill savings and peace of mind, so schedule your service appointment today. Our experienced pros will work quickly and do the job right so you can enjoy a warm home and no hassles for months to come.