Monitor Your Heating Oil With Your Phone!

Our wireless tank monitors make runouts a thing of the past

fuel monitor app long island, ny At this time of the year, running out of heating oil is more than an inconvenience. It can be downright dangerous. The North Fork and East End of Long Island can have brutal winters. You don’t want to be without heat or hot water.

But if you’re still checking your own fuel levels and calling us every time you run low, you’re vastly increasing the risk of running out of fuel. Luckily, Burt’s Reliable has solutions to reduce the stress of constantly checking your oil tank and minimize the chance of needing an emergency delivery.

Stop calling for heating oil — go Automatic!

Most of our heating oil delivery customers take advantage of automatic delivery.

When you’re on automatic delivery, we shoulder the burden of planning your fuel deliveries — or rather, our advanced computerized system takes care of it.

Our system uses your customer history and weather forecasts to determine how quickly you use heating oil. When we estimate that your tank is about one-quarter full, our delivery team springs into action and gets you your fuel right away.

Automatic delivery is 100 percent free. You don’t need to order more heating oil to participate. It’s the most stress-free way to keep your home warm and safe all year round.

Enjoy total confidence with an oil tank monitor.

While automatic delivery is a fantastic way to ensure you get the heating oil you need, it nevertheless relies on estimates based on accurate information. There are changes to your household that can significantly throw off our calculations, including:

  • The arrival of a new child
  • A newly constructed addition to the house
  • Older relatives moving into your home
  • Making a transition to remote work

If we aren’t aware of these changes, the result could be a heating oil runout. So, how can you ensure complete confidence in your fuel supply? The answer is a wireless oil tank monitor.

These technologically advanced devices attach directly to the heating oil tank. They use wireless technology to transmit real-time data about how much fuel you have.

Both you and Burt’s Reliable have access to this data. You can track your tank levels from a free smartphone app. Wherever you are, your fuel info will be right at your fingertips. For the Burt’s Reliable team, this monitor removes any remaining uncertainty from your automatic delivery schedule. We’ll know the precise moment when you need a delivery.

Do you own a rental property or host guests through Airbnb? What about a vacation home that sits empty during the coldest months of the year? Perhaps you arrange fuel deliveries for a relative. An oil tank monitor means you don’t need to access the house to ensure it has enough fuel.

If you’re interested in a tank monitor, we can set it up for you in a matter of minutes. The process is smooth and non-disruptive, and you’ll enjoy 100 percent peace of mind going forward.

Get in touch with Burt’s Reliable today to set up oil tank monitoring. We’re always ready to help!