Vacation Home Prep Checklist For The Season Ahead

10 To-dos For Your Second Home

summer home checklist new yorkNearly a month of spring 2021 is behind us – which means we’re one step closer to the end of the school year and Memorial Day weekend.

If you own a second home, it’s time to start getting it in shape for your eventual arrival in the coming weeks. Here’s a to-do list to help with your planning!

    Turn on and check unplugged appliances. Such as your water heater and refrigerator.

    Reset your thermostat. Aim for 78°F during the summer for the best balance of comfort and efficiency.

    Check and replace pest traps.

    Check your plumbing. Turn the water back on if you’ve shut it off for the offseason. Look for leaks, drips, or signs of mold and take care of them quickly with the help of a professional plumber. Turn the water back on for your exterior hoses and spigots.

    Get your A/C ready.  If you have window air conditioners, clean them before installing them (or better yet, upgrade to a super-efficient, whisper-quiet ductless mini-split A/C). If you have central air conditioning, schedule a professional tune-up. If you didn’t use the air conditioner enough last year to warrant full A/C service, at least change your HVAC air filters. Dust and clean all ceiling fans and other fans with a damp rag.

    Change burned-out light bulbs. Opt for LEDs to save money on your energy bills.

    Check your home’s exterior/deck/porch. Power wash caked-on surfaces and hammer in any nails that are poking up. Inspect soffits, patios and your home’s exterior for mold, rotting wood, peeling paint and other damage.

    Wash your windows. It’s time to get your glass clean!

    Take care of your landscaping. Inspect the grounds for damage and pest problems. Mow the grass and prune/trim overgrown trees and bushes.

    Return exterior furniture to its place. Rehang that hammock!

Get your vacation home ready with the help of Burt’s Reliable! Contact us today to get reliable plumbing service, air conditioning maintenance and installation, and more for your North Fork or East End, LI getaway home.