Will Call Customers: Keep An Eye On Your Tank Gauge!

oil delivery long islandTemperatures have been all over the board this winter here in eastern Long Island – one week we’re in the 50s, the next week in the 20s. In our experience, when temperatures vary that much from week to week, it’s easy to lose track of how much heating oil we’re using – and that can cost us.

Besides the inconvenience of dealing with a heatless house, running out of heating oil can cause other, more serious problems for your heating equipment as fuel lines clog with thickened oil from the bottom of your storage tank. If your heat goes out on a particularly cold night, your pipes could freeze, which can lead to expensive flood damage or even a mold problem.

Preventing Fuel Run-Outs

The bottom line: you definitely want to avoid running out of heating oil! Here are the three best ways to do it.

  • Switch to automatic delivery – With FREE automatic heating delivery, our tracking system will know when you’re ready for a heating oil delivery based on your past usage and the current weather; no more gauge gazing or need to call for service.
  • Be proactive – If you choose to remain a will call customer, monitor your own heating oil levels regularly – especially when temperatures dip. Order when your tank is no less than 25 percent full (sooner during a cold snap). Don’t wait until the last minute; instant deliveries are not always possible.
  • Get a tank monitor – For ultimate peace of mind, install a Gremlin heating oil tank monitor. For a nominal monthly fee, we’ll know exactly how much fuel is in your tank at all times, so we can get more oil to you before you run out.

Emergency heating oil deliveries in the North Fork and East End

If you do run out of heating oil, don’t panic – at Burt’s Reliable, we’ll take care of it™. In the meantime,

  • Retain the heat you have in your house by closing curtains, blocking under-door drafts, hanging blankets over doorways, etc.
  • Use indoor-safe heating appliances such as your fireplace, space heater, or electric heater. NEVER use outdoor equipment (barbecues, outdoor stoves, etc.) to heat your home – the carbon monoxide they emit could be extremely dangerous or even deadly.

If you’re a Will Call customer, please take precautions to avoid a heating oil run-out. Keep a close eye on your tank gauge, and contact Burt’s Reliable for heating oil deliveries in the North Fork and East End of Long Island!