What Is A Mini-Split Air Conditioner

a/c installation long island, nyYou’ve probably seen mini-split air conditioners before – perhaps in a restaurant or store, tucked high on the wall or above a doorway.

What you definitely did not do is hear that mini-split.

That’s because mini-splits (also called ductless systems) are among the quietest cooling systems around – a big advantage over window units in a living space.

But that’s just one of benefits that mini-split A/Cs deliver compared to window air conditioners – and even central air conditioners. Ductless air conditioners also offer:

  • Easy, flexible installation – Ductless systems can be installed quickly and cost effectively just about anywhere in your house, including in new home additions and rooms with no windows. All it takes is a narrow pipe to connect the indoor wall unit (the air handler) to the outdoor unit (the condenser), requiring a three-inch hole through an external wall.

    Mini-splits offer a ton of flexibility, too: up to four air handlers of different sizes can be operated from a single condenser, giving you the ability to size match your equipment to the cooling load of each room.

  • Better indoor air quality – Since there are no ducts in a mini-split system, harmful microorganisms and other allergens can’t grow and thrive inside your equipment – a big advantage for your health compared to central A/Cs, especially in homes where people suffer from respiratory ailments.
  • Understated looks – In addition to being whisper quiet, a mini-split won’t take away your window view, or be an eyesore in your living space. Most can be tucked on a back wall or above important sight lines in your room.

If you own an older home in eastern Long Island that has no ductwork, mini-split systems provide an ideal update to window air conditioners. Most installations take a day or two and can be custom designed to meet the needs of your space and budget.

Summer is almost here, and experts are predicting a scorcher! if you want to keep your bills low while staying as comfortable as possible, consider upgrading your window air conditioners to a Fujitsu mini-split system – installed by the pros at Burt’s Reliable.

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