Professional Furnace Maintenance Keeps You Safe

oil furnace repair new yorkModern furnaces are not just incredibly efficient, they’re also incredibly safe and reliable – in large part because they are built with safety controls and features that prevent or warn of problems before they become dangerous.

But that doesn’t mean that hazards can’t still occur: in fact, a malfunctioning furnace can create problem situations that safety switches alone can’t prevent or detect. This is why routine professional heating maintenance and prompt furnace repair are so important.

Common Oil Furnace Problems

Here are three big problems that can occur with your oil furnace:

  • A cracked heat exchanger – Any appliance that burns fuel also generates toxic exhaust gases, the most noteworthy being carbon monoxide. The heat exchanger is responsible for separating these toxic byproducts and venting them safely to the outside via the flue; if that heat exchanger or flue is cracked or corroded, these fumes and gases can escape and circulate into your living space.
  • Malfunctioning safety mechanisms – Throughout your heating system, there are a number of devices that are designed to cut off the fuel supply should unsafe conditions develop: limit switches, flame sensors and thermocouples are examples. If these devices aren’t working properly, your fuel supply will not be monitored and managed, creating risks for you.
  • Electrical problems – Your furnace is connected to its own circuit breaker, as well as other components in your heating system such as your thermostat. Frayed, corroded, or improperly installed wires to and from your furnace could become a fire hazard.

Professional Heating Service And Repair: THE Key To Safety

With your furnace running virtually 24/7 throughout the winter here in eastern LI, it’s important to have your heating equipment inspected and maintained so you can enjoy peace of mind all season long. If you haven’t scheduled your tune-up, it’s not too late! If you suspect or discover a problem with your heating system, please take care of it quickly by calling us for heating system repairs in the North Fork and East End of Long Island.

Keep your family safe this winter with expert heating repairs and heating system maintenance in eastern LI from the pros at Burt’s Reliable. Contact us today to learn more!