What is the Burt’s Difference?

Dear Friends,

Last winter was one of the coldest we’ve experienced in a long time. Unlike many companies, we always have members of our service team on call to ensure that we can respond to every customer who needs deliveries or repairs. That’s the kind of service our business was built on; it’s what we call the Burt’s Difference.

The type of product we deliver is another important difference. No other heating oil company in our area delivers natural heating oil with a B20 biofuel blend. This is the cleanest-burning fuel oil available; it not only helps the environment; it helps your wallet, too.

New York State encourages the use of this fuel — to the point where they provide a 20¢-per-gallon credit on your state income taxes. As a result, our average customer will qualify for a $150 tax rebate.

Make sure you keep all of your fuel receipts so you can claim this credit when you fi le your state taxes next year. For your convenience, by the end of this year, we will have added the tax-credit claim form on our website, which you can download and print.

As always, we are committed to your comfort and peace of mind — and we thank you for your trust and loyalty to us. Call us anytime you need our help.

You’re important to us!

Martin Romanelli