Ask the Expert

Q: Can I still join your monthly payment plan?

A: Yes! You have until November to enroll in our E-Z Pay plan and spread out your winter heating bills. The sooner you join, the lower your monthly payment will be. Read more about our monthly payment plan.

Q: Do I need a tune-up every year?

A: Not necessarily. It’s similar to caring for your car. If you have an older model and you drive a lot, it’s usually a good idea to get periodic tune-ups to prevent breakdowns and conserve fuel. Apply the same thinking to your heating system. Get regular tune-ups if you have an older system and burn more than 600 gallons per year. If your system is fairly new and you use less than 600 gallons of fuel each year, you can go longer between tune-ups.

Q: Do automatic deliveries cost extra?

A: No! They are a free service we offer so you don’t have to worry about calling for deliveries. Our computer system tracks your fuel-use patterns and monitors outdoor temperatures. When we estimate that your tank is about a quarter full, we’ll fill it up. It’s that simple — and easy.