Delivering the Cleanest Possible Fuel for You

Dear Friends,

New York State has an ambitious goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions — 40% fewer by 2030. Heating oil is certainly making big strides in that direction, thanks to the increased use of biofuel.

You don’t have to ask us for this clean-burning fuel; we deliver it automatically. We remain the only heating fuel dealer on the North Fork to provide Natural Heating Oil™ with a 20% biofuel blend.

As a result, every gallon of oil we put in your tank burns cleaner, with lower emissions, than natural gas. You’ll save money too, because you can apply for a 20¢-per-gallon clean-fuel state tax credit. This saves our typical customer $150 each year.

The quality of heating will only get better. It’s possible that in just a few short years, homes that heat with oil could be using even cleaner burning blends — with 50%, 80% or even 100% biofuel.

As heating oil moves ahead on the environment, it seems like natural gas is falling backward. A new study revealed that leaks of methane — a greenhouse gas that is the main component of natural gas — were far greater than the EPA had estimated. That’s bad news for the environment.

Our commitment to the environment, and our investment in the delivery of the cleanest burning fuel possible — is a big part of the Burt’s Difference.

Martin Romanelli