Are You Ready for 100% Confidence?

Martin Romanelli

Dear Friends,

By now you’ve probably heard about our Gremlin™ tank monitor, which attaches to your aboveground tank (inside or outside) and records your fuel levels with amazing precision. What you may not know is that, for a limited time, these monitors are free for all of our customers with service plans.

With the Gremlin, you’ll have a real-time look at your fuel level anytime you want, making it practically impossible to run out. Through the use of the free Gremlin app, you can see how much fuel you’ve been using each day and your next approximate delivery date. Tap an icon on your phone and you can call us, email us or access our website.

If you have an underground tank and you want to replace it, now is an ideal time to consider switching to an aboveground tank, which can include your new Gremlin monitor. You may also qualify for a $300 rebate for installing a new storage tank.

This unique technology works for households with a Wi-Fi connection. Installation takes just 15 minutes, and we’ve already installed them for hundreds of our customers, who now feel 100% confident that they will never run out of fuel.

So why not give us a call today at 631-765-3767, or contact us here to set up an appointment? We’ll take care of it!

Martin Romanelli