Avoid Common Furnace Problems

Here are some tips for keeping your furnace working safely and efficiently:

Furnace technician

  • Maintain your furnace properly. A minimal investment in a service plan ensures that we can keep your equipment operating better for longer by preventing many expensive repairs. Regular maintenance can also solve common problems like odors, insufficient heat and short-cycling.
  • Change your air filter regularly. Dust and dirt are the natural enemy of your furnace (especially your burner), so it’s best to change or clean your filters regularly during the heating season. If you don’t know how to change or clean the filter, ask our technician to show you the next time he visits your home.
  • Store flammable liquids properly. Fumes from volatile liquids like paints can cause a fire hazard if they’re near the open flame of your burner. Store all volatile liquids safely in an area far away from the furnace.