Carl Grenier

Meet Carl Greiner, our new sales representative and goodwill ambassador.

Carl joined us last spring, and he simply cannot say enough nice things about the people he has signed up as Burt’s Reliable customers.

“They’re wonderful people,” says Carl, a resident of Hauppauge. “About half of them have a second home here, and I assure them we have a lot of experience in this area.”

Carl has also been spreading the word to current customers about our referral program.

“Right now, we give current customers a $75 reward for referring a new customer to us,” he says.

When he’s not at work, Carl enjoys restoring jukeboxes from the ’40s and ’50s.

“The whole process of restoring a jukebox, top to bottom, and getting it to light up and play music again is just a very satisfying thing,” he says.