The Best Way to Prevent Run-Outs

Many of our customers have changed their fuel consumption patterns because of the public health crisis. If you work from home, you’ll probably use more heating fuel this season than you’ve used before.

Please let us know if your heating habits have changed from last year. If we don’t have this information, it may throw our automatic delivery projections off.

To completely take away your worries about running out, contact us to install a Gremlin™ tank monitor at no charge. For the tank monitor to work, you must have a basement or indoor tank and be on automatic delivery.

If you have a second home, a Gremlin tank monitor from Burt’s is a must-have. It just makes sense! We don’t have a crystal ball so we don’t know if you’re spending more time at your vacation home because of the pandemic. A tank monitor ensures we can be accurate with our deliveries and prevent run-outs. That’s true whether you have a second home or not.

Gremlin tank monitors: just one more example of why it pays to buy from Burt’s. Remember, there is no charge for installing your tank monitor! If you currently have a Gremlin please notify us if your Wi-Fi router info has changed.

Please visit to read more about our tank monitors.