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Did you know that heating your home can make up around half of your annual energy costs?

That’s why choosing the right oil furnace for your North Fork home is so important. And it’s why you should count on the experts at Burt’s Reliable not only to do that, but to install, service and repair your oil furnace so it will perform at peak efficiency for years to come.

Your furnace also plays a big role in your family’s comfort during the winter, and protects your home from the cold.

How oil furnaces work

When your thermostat senses that the temperature inside your home (or, if you have zoned heating, a space within your home) is below the temperature you set, it sends a signal to the furnace to kick on and provide heated air, to bring your home back to the desired temperature.

From there, the oil burner is engaged. Heating oil is sent from your heating oil tank to the burner. The oil goes through a pump, where it is mixed with air to create a mist. The mist is ignited once it reaches the burner’s combustion chamber.

That ignition heats air, which a blower sends through your home’s ductwork. Emissions from the combustion are sent through a flue that takes them out of your home through the chimney. From the combustion chamber, the heated air goes out through vents to warm your home. A return duct sends the air back into your furnace to be heated and sent out again.

Is it time to upgrade to a new oil furnace?

If your furnace is between 10 and 15 years old, it’s time to start planning to replace it. If it’s more than 15 years old, or if you have to make more frequent and costly repairs, it’s time for a replacement.

At Burt’s Reliable, we understand that replacing the furnace in your Long Island home is a big investment and a serious choice, which can make the process nerve-racking. That’s why our experienced home-heating experts are here to help you make the right choice—one that meets your needs while taking your budget into account. We offer FREE estimates that will get you started.

Your investment in a new furnace from Burt’s Reliable will pay off in improved efficiency. Older furnaces can have efficiencies as low as 56%. Today’s high-efficiency furnaces can have efficiencies up to 98.5%. That means up to 98.5¢ out of every dollar you spend on heating oil will go toward heating your home!

Working with you to choose your new furnace is just the start of what Burt’s Reliable does for you. We deliver the furnace and install it correctly and cleanly. And we remove your old furnace FREE of charge!

Once your new furnace is installed, we help you take good care of it, to prevent breakdowns and make sure it operates at maximum efficiency. Annual maintenance also keeps its warranty in effect. Our technicians are skilled and experienced. And we offer Comfort Plans, which provide maintenance while saving you money on repairs.

Don’t forget that you can also count on Burt’s Reliable for safe and dependable delivery of heating oil! Ask about our automatic delivery plan. We offer payment options to help you manage your heating oil costs as well.

Get in touch with Burt’s Reliable to find out more about how we can help you make sure your furnace keeps your North Fork home warm, safe and comfortable!