Water Heaters

Oil Powered Water Heaters for Your North Fork Home

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From Orient to Shinnecock Hills, Burt’s Reliable can help you have the hot water you need

You rely on hot water for a lot of things to keep your family comfortable in your Long Island home. Whether it’s a hot bath at the end of a long day, a hot shower to start the morning right, dishwashing, laundry, or cleaning your home, you expect your hot water heater to come through like a workhorse.

That’s why it should be no surprise that heating water accounts for around 20% of your home’s energy costs, second only to heating and cooling. The average household uses 65 gallons of hot water a day.

How oil-fired water heaters work

How your water heater works depends on what kind you have.

If you have a direct-fired conventional water heater with a tank, oil is burned in a combustion chamber under the tank. The heated flue gases then heat the water in the tank. The insulated walls of the tank help retain the heat. The water heater automatically turns on throughout the day and night to keep the water heated to a set temperature.

An indirect-fired water heater is used in homes that have a boiler for home heating. The water heater receives hot water from the boiler. When your boiler is operating for home heating, you don’t need any extra energy to heat your water.

Are you ready to upgrade to a new water heater?

The average life expectancy of a conventional water heater with a tank is between 8 and 12 years. If your home’s water is in that range, or older, it’s time to plan on replacing it.

The professionals at Burt’s Reliable can help you with that. We sell and install a variety of energy-efficient direct and indirect water heaters from leading manufacturers, including Bock and Vaughn. And we offer FREE estimates!

We’ll take your family’s hot water needs into account as we help you choose the right water heater—one that also works with your budget.

Burt’s Reliable does it all

Once you select your new water heater, the experienced and skilled Burt’s Reliable service technicians will install it in your home with minimal disruption. And we remove your old unit for FREE!

Another advantage we offer is that Burt’s Reliable is a certified plumbing contractor, so we can help you with all of your home’s plumbing and water-related needs.

Our service technicians will be there for you after your new water heater is installed, with expert maintenance and repairs.

Burt’s Reliable is the North Fork’s leader in water heater installation, service and repairs. Contact us today, and we’ll get to work for you!